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Week 7 Blog



Wow! Year 1 have had a brilliant first term! Their engagement and attitude towards their learning has been fantastic and the year 1 team couldn't have asked for any more from them. We are extremely proud of them and cannot believe the progress that they have made already. The children always come into school happy and ready to learn and have coped in such a mature way with what has been a very strange year! 


The children have enjoyed being creative this week and getting in the festive spirit with lots of Christmas craft and art-work. They have produced pastel Christmas trees, glittery snowmen, lanterns and Christmas decorations. The children have really taken great care and time over these pieces of work and have been proud of the quality of what they have produced. We definitely have some budding artists in year ! 


The children have also enjoyed a project where they had to use their maths skills to investigate who had stolen Santa's sleigh. The children discovered it was a penguin called Paul who had enough magic dust to fly the sleigh and then set about writing stories about where he went in it. As you can imagine, there were lots of very imaginative stories ranging from Penguin Paul taking the sleigh to visit his family and deliver their presents to Paul stealing the sleigh and crashing it into a tree! Finally, the children finished the project by designing a new sleigh for Santa thinking carefully about how it would fly, how he would keep warm and how he could fit all the presents in. We were blown away by the children's inventive design ideas which included a moveable canopy to keep Santa dry when it rained, a hot chocolate dispenser and rocket jets to help him deliver the presents in super, quick time!


A massive thank you to all the year 1 parents for the beautiful hampers that you kindly gave to the year 1 staff for Christmas! We were really blown away by your thoughtfulness and generosity. 


The children deserve a well-earned rest over Christmas and we hope you all manage to enjoy some festivities.