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Week 7

*** Week 7 Update ***

Good morning Year 3,

I can't believe it has been 5 weeks since Easter. We have completed what would have been our first Summer half term in year 3. Well done, you have all worked so hard and we are proud of you. We know it isn't easy.


Next week is May Half Term. There will be no work to do on the pages however if we can help in anyway or you just want to say hi and let us know what you are up to don’t forget to email us ( ). What we do recommend is please keep reading.

It really is so good for you - for your vocabulary, fluency and also to relax and sail away to another place....!

We also just want to take a minute to thank each and every one of you for your continued support of us as a team and as a school.


Well done everybody we hope you all have a wonderful half term and we will update the website on Tuesday, 2nd June.


Stay safe, be kind, keep smiling and look after everybody.

Love from the Year 3 team – Mr E and Mrs Wood


Week 7 Quiz


1) Read the sentence below and decide whether the word with an ‘s’ is plural or possessive.

Many penguins swam through the icy water.

A) plural


B) possessive

2)  Read the sentence below and decide whether the word with an ‘s’ is plural or possessive.

Austin’s birthday is on the 22nd May.

A) plural


B) possessive

3) Complete the addition

£310 + £63 = £

A) 373

B)  £3.73

C) £373

4) Complete the addition

180 + 60 =

A) 240

B) 250  

C) 260

5) Work out the subtraction

262 cm – 41 cm =

A) 220 cm

B) 221 cm

C) 222 cm

6) Work out the subtraction

847 – 79 =

A) 770

B) 769

C) 768

7) What was the title given to Roman Emperors?

A) Emperor

B) Caesar

C) King

8) In Roman numerals, what number is X?

A) 10

B) 5

C) 20

9) What did Tilda describe as ‘cutting edge stuff’ in chapter 10?

A) windows

B) underfloor heating

C) plant pots

10) What is the name of the Emperor in the story?

A) Emperor Elliot

B) Emperor Septimius

C) Emperor Cook


Week 7


Hello Year 3,

Happy Monday!


I can't believe this is our fifth and final week of this half term. We hope you are all keeping well, your spirits up and staying safe at home. Remember, do what you can with home learning.


We hope you all have a lovely week!

Mr Elliot & Mrs Wood




Just to keep us all on our toes this week the work on White Rose Maths is something we have already covered earlier in the lockdown period. The good news is that they have provided alternative lessons for this week. Please find a plan of this week’s lessons in the resources section at the bottom of this page. This will have links to the learning videos. The worksheets can also be found below. 


Monday – Add and subtract 2- and 3-digit numbers

Tuesday – Add 2- and 3-digit numbers

Wednesday – Subtract 2-digits from 3-digits

Thursday – Add 3-digit numbers

Friday – Friday Maths Challenge


There is no need to print most of the activities as answers and responses can be written straight into books or on any paper.


Sumdog - Complete the activities allocated on there.


BBC Bitesize – From this week White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize run in line with each other.  This means that every day, there’s a learning video on the White Rose page to watch and a link to that day’s BBC Bitesize page for more information and even more lesson content.




This week, we will continue to read History Hackers – Roman Rescue. I would like you to read chapters 9 and 10 (remember you can find an audio version of the chapters at the bottom of this page) and then complete the activities below. Any resources mentioned below will be in the Week 7 Resources section.


Comprehension questions

  1. What is the difference between a legionnaire and a tribune? How can you tell from the text?
  2. Can you explain how Tilda managed to trick Blutos in chapter 9?
  3. What reason did Charlie give the tribune as to why he needed to get home?
  4. How does the author describe the slave master’s teeth? What impression does this give of them?
  5. How do you think Charlie and Tilda are feeling in this situation?
  6. At the end of chapter 10, why do you think Charlie felt it was all his fault they were in this situation?
  7. What do you think is at the bottom of the stairs?



Complete the Words Ending in –ture worksheet. This can be found in the resources section below.

Activity Sheet.


Punctuation and Grammar

Complete the Plural or Possessive ‘-s’ Activity Sheet in the resources section below



This week’s spellings focus: word families based on root words ‘scop’ and ‘spect’:

  1. scope
  2. telescope
  3. microscope
  4. horoscope
  5. periscope
  6. inspect
  7. spectator
  8. respect
  9. perspective
  10. spectacles

Practise these words three times and write them in sentences.


Spellings – RWI (

For any extra spelling and reading work please visit Oxford Owl (Web address above) using the following log in details:

Username: clehy3

Password: year3


You will need to log in through the ‘My Class Login’ at the top of the webpage. Some of the resources are PDF documents but these don’t need to be printed off, the work can simple be completed on paper or in books. Oxford Owl also has a free online eBook library which includes the popular Project X series. 



Joe Wicks: 9am daily


Cosmic kids - Yoga and mindfulness:


History/ Topic [Please continue]

We hope you will enjoy completing the activities, which can be completed anytime throughout the Summer Term. The children can choose to complete as many of the activities they would like, once an activity has been completed you send it to me on the Year 3 email address and will upload them to our class web page.


Geography [Please continue]

This week, and for the next few weeks, I would like you to choose one European country to explore in more detail. To do this, you are going to be finding out about the human and physical geography of your chosen country. Remember human geography focuses on human activity such as population, culture and communities and physical geography focuses on the natural world. This can include anything in nature, from mountains, volcanoes and hills to lakes, streams and rivers. It also includes looking at the climate and weather, as well as the environment.

You can present your work in any way you wish, for example a poster or PowerPoint. I have added a template to the resources section below.


REMEMBER – search the internet safely – search using ‘ks2’ or ‘for kids’.


PSHE- Join the MindWell Week of Kindness for Mental Health Awareness Week


MindWell, the mental health website for people in Leeds, will be celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW), 18-24 May, with a whole Week of Kindness, exploring different themes and activities each day.


The Week of Kindness will give us lots of ideas to help us all think about how we can be kind to ourselves and to others during this difficult and uncertain time. A kindness planner for the week is below:

From positive self-talk and improving our self-care to being kind online and clapping for carers, there's lots we can do to be kind to ourselves and to the people and world around us. Kindness is good for our mental health, physical health, families, workplaces and city. So let's keep on being kind.



Complete the Oak National Academy RE lesson on The Holy Trinity at



Should you have any technical issues with websites or missing logins/passwords then we have set up a new email address for you to send these queries which will be monitored by Mr Duffy.

History Hackers Chapter 9

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History Hackers Chapter 10.mp4

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