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Week 8 Learning

Week 8 – 1/6/20 (summer term 2) – TOPIC: COLOUR

  • Spelling - Test yourself on ‘Jumping red words’– path, sugar, sure, two, worse and also Words to Log and Learn from2B Unit 14 – words ending in – tion: caption, nation, section, potion, option, fiction.

New Spellings – 2B  Unit 15 (last unit!!!) – ‘Adding the suffix – es’ : ladies, babies, families, multiplies, hobbies, copies, replies, spies, carries, cries, tries, bodies, flies, fries. All the root words end in a consonant ‘y’. So the ‘y’ changes to an ‘i’ then add es. So cry – cri +es = cries. See transcript resources and dots and dashes. Have a go at making a table with the root words and corresponding ‘es’ partners.

New ‘Jumping red words’ – kind, mind, behind, find, beautiful, poor. All these new jumping red words are ones we found tricky and put back on the wall so we could have another go at learning them.

Can you use all of this week’s spellings in sentences?

  • Phonics – the ‘ear’ sound spelt ear as in hear, dear, fear, near, year, ear. Can you spot/read these graphemes in your reading? Can you spell words with this spelling pattern? Can you use the words in sentences? Play ‘Fred Fingers’ and sound the words out with dots and dashes like we do at school so hear = ._
  • Reading – Read about Henri Matisse PDF and ppt resources. Discuss what you know. Collect information to start creating a fact file about him.
  • Writing – start to write down facts about Henri Matisse. You could begin pages for a booklet. You could create a powerpoint about him.
  • Grammar & Punctuation – Sentence types & conjunctions – see PDF below The PDF is a home learning revision pack so it has guidance for parents. It has all the SPAG covered in Year 2. This week we are going to look at sentence types on pg 25-18 and conjunctions on pg 14. Each has an explanation followed by some exercises. Can you add some exclamations to your fact file about Matisse?
  • Maths – Practice – revision- we will revisit skills covered in Year 2– 1.Place value ppt resources have a go at the questions on the slides (no answers sorry). We did this in the autumn. 2. SATs style half tests see PDF resources. Have a go at 2 or 3 per week to keep arithmetic skills sharp.
  • Maths – Topic – geometry – Position and direction. We start off by recapping position of an object – above, below, next to etc. (Have a go at putting a toy in different positions and describe where it is). Then we describe movement (Step 1) of shapes or objects like: go forwards 1 square, backwards, left, right, up and down. Then we describe turns (Step 2) – turn right (clockwise), left (anti-clockwise). Turns are a quarter turn right (clockwise), half turn right, three quarter turn right (clockwise), full turn etc. Then we put the 2 ideas together to describe movements and turns (Step 3) like: forward 2, turn a quarter turn clockwise, go forward 1. Have a go at the Zips & PDF resources for step 1 & 2 this week.
  • R.E. - How should we care for the world and why does it matter? 1. Explore stories from the bible about friendship and caring for others.
    Read the story of the Good Samaritan. Luke Chapter 10 verses 25-37
    Use toys or Lego figures to act out the story.
    Use the pictures to help you paint the story. Can you identify all the characters?
  • Science – revision – ‘Uses of Everyday Materials’ – Read the knowledge organiser about materials. We did this topic in the autumn. How much do you remember? Get someone to quiz you on the facts. How did you do?
  • Computing – art package – on Purple Mash ‘2 Paint A Picture’– Try out all the different painting techniques from the selection so you know how they work. Have fun!
  • Art & Design – Henri Matisse – What can you find out about this great artist? Have a look at some of his famous works. Do you like them? What do you notice about them? Have a really long look at ‘The Riverbank’ and then have a go at the ‘See, Think, Wonder sheet (word doc resources). Fill in all the things you can see in the painting, what you think about the painting and what you wonder about it e.g. I can see a river… I wonder where it is?... I think he loved yellow because…
History/Geography – Matisse. When and where did Henri Matisse live? Can you find where he lived on a map? What is it like there? Can you find any photos? When was he alive? What was it like then? Can you put him on a time line? Is he still alive today?