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Week 9

Week 9 (w/c 8th June 2020)




Updated 08/06/2020

The National Academy are doing non-chronological reports thsi week and I hadn't planned on us doing them again this year. So, we're going to do something slightly different. Using the litfilmfest website, I would like you to complete one of the daily writing tasks listed below each day. Each task consists of a short video, which is followed by four questions. The idea is that you complete a piece of writing of around 200 words based on the four questions. The videos can be found at and I'd like you to complete the following tasks (they don't need to be done in any particular order):

Household chores



Mobile Phones






Complete the reading activity at and login with the code CO6579


Please ensure that you continue to read every day. Aim to spend 30 minutes reading. If you're stuck for ideas of what to read, I've added 28 books recommended for children in Year 5 further down the page. 




Purple Mash is back this week. I've added a grammar activity on there. 


In addition, please complete the activity mat and the grammar test in the resources section. 



As per previous weeks, the words in the National Academy should be your focus each week. Try to get a few of them into your writing. 


While we're off, you should also try to recap the Orange words that we've covered so far. Take between 6 and 10 a week to revise and test yourself on them. Don't move on to any new words as we have already covered enough of the words for this year and we would be recapping the ones we've already covered if we were in school. 





Updated 09/06/2020- Answer sheets  now added. 


Updated 08/06/2020 -worksheets now added to resources section

White Rose Summer Term week 5. I'm still waiting on the worksheets for these lessons, but will have them on by the end of the day on Monday at the absolute latest.


I have attached an arithmetic test for you to do, as well as an activity booklet on number and place value for you to work through. 


Another set of work is available on Diagnostic Questions for you to complete and keep going with Sumdog- usage of that has dropped off recently. 



Joe Wicks, obviously!





We're now ready to move on to crime and punishment during the Victorian Era, which we studied earlier in the year. The resources are attached below. 



Rather bizarrely, the school internet filter is blocking me from accessing the Oddizzi resources for this week, so I'll have to add these from home, which I will do over the weekend. This week the focus is on food and farming. 



Make it rain! (kind of)



Complete the lesson at 



This week, we're looking at a different way that people consume tobacco- Shisha. This has all the same dangers as cigarettes, but is consumed differently. Read the articles and create a way of making people aware of the dangers