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Homework week bg 2nd November 2020


During the RWI zoom meeting we spoke about the importance of rhyme in developing early reading skills, phonological awareness and helping children tune into sounds for blending and segmenting words. Your homework task this week is to really focus on rhyme at home. Please could you read lots of rhyming books to your children, encouraging them to join in and finish the last word in the rhyming sentence. For example 'Oh help!' he said, 'Goodbye little mouse,' and off he ran to his underground...…. and let the children finish the sentence. Julia Donaldson books are great for this. Talk about what is special about the words in the book and encourage children to notice the rhymes. How many rhyming stories can you find at home? What are the children's favourite rhyming stories? After doing this you might also like to play any rhyming games that you have at home, 'Orchard' do some good ones. Attached below are some activities you can try with your child if you like. Your child could try continuing a rhyming string, so starting with a word, eg 'cat' and seeing how many words the children can think of that rhyme with cat. You could also play the odd one out game and read the words to the children and see if they can spot the word that doesn't rhyme.


As we discussed in the zoom meeting, homework does not need to be returned to school, however it would be lovely to see any learning the children have been doing at home about rhyme on Tapestry. The next homework task will be set in two weeks time. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to speak to us.