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Hello parents/carers and children :)


This week we have been busy setting up the new Y1 classroom and making sure it has lots of fun and engaging activities for the class to complete. We will be uploading some pictures of the children in their new classroom next week so you can see what they are getting up to. Even though we are unable to have certain things in the classroom we still have all the same areas as last year but have just altered them using the current government guidelines. We have even added some sneaky additions which Y1 have not had before in the classroom, including lego!!


We will also be running the Year 1 classroom exactly the same as we have done in previous year groups. Children will have carpet inputs and then half the class will be working with an adult whilst the other half is accessing the provision in the classroom. The groups will then swap over the next day. We feel it is vital that children have the opportunity to learn through play and this gives the children chance to consolidate their learning. For the first term we try to mirror EYFS as much as possible so the children are used to the structure and routine. As the year progresses the classroom does become more formal in preparation for Year 2. One change we have made this year is that all children will have a pencil case with their own stationery as well as their own whiteboard and pen. This will help with not sharing equipment and we found at the end of last year that children liked having their own case as it made them feel grown up. Any equipment that is shared such as lego will be cleaned regularly throughout the day. The children also have allocated handwashing times which will be followed daily. 


During the autumn term, we understand it will be important to both consolidate and build upon learning from the previous term and year and continue to aid the children in continuing to become confident, happy and well-rounded people. The Year 1 team will regularly meet to ensure that the learning pace is appropriate and if any adaptions need to be made. We were blown away by how well the class came back at the end of last year that we are very confident this will continue! 


Any concerns or queries that you may have are hugely valued so please do not hesitate to contact any member of the school team. We understand that it is going to be difficult not having face to face contact with the Year 1 team and not being able to enter the classroom so we want to make sure we are as accessible as possible. We will be happy to arrange phone calls with parents to discuss any concerns and answer questions. We will also update the web page regularly with pictures and videos of the children. If you have any other ideas/suggestions please let a member of the team know!


Miss Thackray cannot wait to get started with this class as she has heard such wonderful things and Miss Hicks feels really lucky that she gets to spend an extra half term with you! 


Mrs Naylor and Miss Thackray will be ready to greet you on Tuesday morning and show you where your new pegs and trays will be!


Have a lovely last weekend!


The Year 1 Team