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19.04.22- How do we look after chicks? What happens to chicks as they grow?- This week we will be learning all about chicks and how to care for them, this will be a big science focus on growth and change and animals including humans. This week we will also be practising our drawing skills and drawing animals to go on our farm wall, we will be looking very closely at the features of animals and observing what we can see closely.

25.04.22- How can I find out information? - This week we will be looking at non fiction books and how we can do research to find out the information we need. We will be working in house teams to find out facts about different farm animals which we will use to make a class book.

02.05.22- What are the differences and similarities between Collingham and the countryside?- This week will be a Geography focus, we will be comparing the countryside with towns and cities. This week we will also be focusing on DT and making chick sliders.

09.05.22- We're going on a chick hunt!- This week we will be looking at the story of We're going on a bear hunt. We will then be changing the story to 'We're going on a chick hunt' We will be thinking of new places for the chicks to go and performing our story.

16.05.22- What can we get from animals? This week we will be looking at what food and materials we can get from animals. We will be making butter and tasting different foods.

23.05.22- RE focus week- this week we will be looking at Special stories from the Bible.