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Year 3

Welcome to year 3, Our third term in year 3 will be based on the Roman Empire, covering a wide period of history. 


 I hope you enjoy reading our class page. Topic information will be updated ready for the start of each half term. Latest news will be updated fortnightly on a Thursday. 


Your teaching team will be Miss Ghassempour, Mrs Wood and Mrs Questa. Mrs Wood will be our teaching assistant and she will be with us Monday – Friday mornings. Mrs Questa will teach Year 3 on a Tuesday afternoon. PE will continue to be on a Monday and Thursday this term. Please continue to scroll down for further information regarding our PE coverage.


We are committed to safeguarding; if you have any concerns about the well being of a child in school please contact a member of staff.


Key Information 


PE days in Summer term 2 will continue to be Monday and Thursday. Please make sure your child comes into school wearing their PE kit.


We will aim to change school books on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 


Gymnastics / Dance / Indoor Games

Plain black shorts.

White school PE T-shirt provided by KoolKidz or a white round necked or polo T-shirt.

Outdoor Games

School tracksuit provided by KoolKidz or a plain black tracksuit.

White PE T-shirt provided by KoolKidz or a white round necked or polo T-shirt.

White or black trainers


When the weather is colder/wetter, please send your child in their tracksuit so they can keep warm at break and lunchtimes.

Staff Photos-updated shortly

Upcoming Events

Monday 7th January - School Opens

Tuesday 12th February - 9.45am - Parent Topic Share - Stone Age  

Thursday 14th February - Half term, school closes.

Friday 15th February - Staff Training Day

Friday 22nd March - Year 3 Stone Age trip to Murton Park  

Thursday 28th March - 2.30pm - Parent Topic Share - Stone Age

Monday 17th June - assessment week 

Wednesday 19th June - Sports Day

Thursday 4th July - Roman Day

Thursday 11th July - recorder concert 2.30 - 3pm

Friday 12th July - 2.30pm - Parent Topic Share - Romans

Tuesday 23rd July - Break up for summer holidays






Latest News








Homework Expectations-Please see the front of Learning Logs


Every Week the Learning Log homework will be stuck into your child's Learning Log. On there will be Maths, English and Topic work,  We also ask that you practise spellings with your children from their Read Write Inc. spelling log books, which should go home every night and then come back to school the following morning.


Topic homework will be shared with the class. Completed homework will be shared with the class or marked in the way highlighted on the learning log page. We will go through the maths and English homework during the maths and English lesson on the due date and any questions can be asked then. It is really important that the homework is completed and in class on the due date to ensure we can go through it with the work in front of the children so that we can help with any questions.


Please make sure all work goes into the Learning Log and is stuck down. If your child has made a large piece, such as a model, that won't stick into the Learning Log, please leave a space and we will put a photo of the work there instead.


We will aim to complete a timestable test every Friday.



Curriculum this half term



Our Topic this term will be the Roman Empire.


I can decsribe events from the past using dates when things happened.

I can use a timeline within a specific period of history to set out the order that things may have happened.

I can use my mathematical knowledge to work out how long ago events happened.

I can explain some of the times when Britain has been invaded. 

I recognise when art is from different cultures. (art - Roman mosaics)




Recounts, Descriptive narrative writing-focus on characters, setting and plot. 

Can I use the correct tense in my writing?

Can I write narrative with a clear structure, setting and plot?

Can I use a range of sentences with more than one clause by using a range of conjunctions?

Can I begin to use paragraphs?

Can I express time, place and cause by using conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions?

Can I use headings and sub headings correctly?

Can I edit, redraft and check my writing? 



place value

I compare and order numbers up to 1000.

I can read and write numbers up to 1000.

I can find 10 or 100 more or less than a given number.

I can recognise the place value of each digit in a three digit number.


Addition and subtraction

I can add and subtract mentally 3 digit numbers and ones, 3 digit numbers and tens, 3 digit numbers and hundreds.

I can add and subtract 3 digit numbers using written methods

multiplication and division 

-I can recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2x 5x and 10x table 

- I can multiply a 2 digit number by a multiple of 10 eg. 13 x 20 = using mental methods 

-I can solve problems involving multiplication and division. 

I can add and subtract measures using length, mass and volume. 




-I can count up and down in tenths 

-I recognise and can find fractions of objects 

-I can compare and order fractions

- I can add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. 

I can find equivalent fractions to 1/2, 1/4, and 1/3 



In Science this half term we will be looking at Light and shadows.

I can describe what dark is (the absence of light)

I can explain that light is needed in order to see.

I can explain that light is reflected from a surface.

I can explain and demonstrate how a shadow is formed.

I can explore shadow size and explain.

I can explain the danger of direct sunlight and how to keep protected.




I can use the Internet safely, understanding the risks associated with Internet use

I can find relevant information by browsing a menu

I can search for an image, copy it and paste it into a document

I can use 'Save picture as' to save an image to the computer

I can copy and paste text into a document

I can use note taking skills to decide what to copy into my own work


RE-updated shortly

RE will be taught by Mrs Questa.  




We will be doing athletics in preparation for sports day and outdoor games. 



French will be taught by Mrs Questa. 


PSHCE/British Values-Updated shortly

Maths calculation methods guidance

End of Year 3 expectations for Reading, Writing and Maths

Questions to ask your children when reading at home