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Year 3

Thank you so much for the lovely cards and gifts - we have loved every minute of our time in school. Your children are fantastic and you are such kind and supportive people. Mrs Shaw and I offer you our very best wishes for a lovely holiday.

Hello Year 3,


I am so pleased to be able to be with you all again. I hope you had a great Easter and Milo the dog says, "Woof!" to you too.  Mr King.

We are committed to safeguarding; if you have any concerns about the well being of a child in school please contact a member of staff.

Happy Summer!  Welcome back! 



Some key information for you:


PE days this term are Monday and Thursday. Please make sure your child comes into school wearing their PE kit


Gymnastics / Dance / Indoor Games

Plain black shorts.

White school PE T-shirt provided by KoolKidz or a white round necked or polo T-shirt.

Outdoor Games

School tracksuit provided by KoolKidz or a plain black tracksuit.

White PE T-shirt provided by KoolKidz or a white round necked or polo T-shirt.

White or black trainers


When the weather is colder/wetter, please send your child in their tracksuit so they can keep warm at break and lunchtimes.

Staff Photos-updated shortly

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 18th April - School opens for the summer term. 

Thursday 11th May - Friends of Collingham School Boden Night.

Monday 22nd May - Assessment Week

Friday 26th May - School closes for half term.


Sports Day

Sent: 05 May 2017 15:16

Dear parents,
Please accept my apologies for any confusion and inconvenience resulting from the change in date to sports day.
The original date we had fixed for sports day clashed with a number of other inter-schools sports fixtures for some of our KS2 children. We have only recently been notified of these fixture dates, and after some debate it felt contradictory for KS2 children to miss out on opportunities to compete in local fixtures due to the timing of our sports day.
We aim to set the date for sports day as well in advance as possible as we know sports day is a popular and well attended family occasion. We are also aware that parents like to book time off work to support the day. We are now awaiting a few more fixture dates to avoid any further clashes and will confirm the new date to you as soon as possible.
Kind regards,
Briony Robertson

Latest News


We have lots of very exciting learning ahead of us... watch this space for our latest news!


Our learning about Easter

Our learning about Easter 1 We learned about the symbolism of Easter Eggs.
Our learning about Easter 2 We learned that the egg is a symbol of new life.
Our learning about Easter 3
Our learning about Easter 4
Our learning about Easter 5
Our learning about Easter 6
Our learning about Easter 7
Our learning about Easter 8
Our learning about Easter 9

Science Fair: Forces and Magnets

Science Fair: Forces and Magnets 1
Science Fair: Forces and Magnets 2
Science Fair: Forces and Magnets 3
Science Fair: Forces and Magnets 4
Science Fair: Forces and Magnets 5
Science Fair: Forces and Magnets 6
Science Fair: Forces and Magnets 7
Science Fair: Forces and Magnets 8

Our visit to Eureka

Our visit to Eureka 1
Our visit to Eureka 2
Our visit to Eureka 3
Our visit to Eureka 4
Our visit to Eureka 5
Our visit to Eureka 6
Our visit to Eureka 7
Our visit to Eureka 8

Homework Expectations-Please see the front of Learning Logs


Every week the Learning Log homework will be stuck into your child's Learning Log. On there will be Maths, English and Topic work,  We also ask that you practise spellings with your children from their Read Write Inc. spelling log books, which should go home every night and then come back to school the following morning.


Topic homework will be shared with the class. Completed homework will be shared with the class or marked in the way highlighted on the learning log page. We will go through the maths and English homework during the maths and English lesson on the due date and any questions can be asked then. It is really important that the homework is completed and in class on the due date to ensure we can go through it with the work in front of the children so that we can help with any questions.


Please make sure all work goes into the Learning Log and is stuck down. If your child has made a large piece, such as a model, that won't stick into the Learning Log, please leave a space and we will put a photo of the work there instead.

Curriculum this half term




I can name and locate the capital cities of neighbouring European countries

I can name a number of countries in the northern hemisphere

I can use an atlas to find places

I can use grid references on a map 6 figure

I can use grid references 4 figure

I can use the basic Ordnance Survey map symbols




Descriptive narrative writing-focus on characters and settings

Can I compose sentences using a wider range of structures?

Can I write narrative with a clear structure, setting and plot?

Can I use a range of sentences with more than one clause by using a range of conjunctions?

Can I begin to use paragraphs?

Can I express time, place and cause by using conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions?

Performance Poetry

Can I read a range of poetry?

Can I discuss a range of texts?

Can I read aloud and independently?

Can I draw inferences on feelings and emotions?

Can I prepare poems to read aloud and to perform, showing an understanding through intonation, tone, volume and action?




Number and place value

-Recognise place value of each digit in 3 digit numbers

-Compare and order numbers up to 1000

-Read and write numbers up to 1000 in numerals and in words


Addition and subtraction

-Add and subtract numbers mentally including 3 digit and 1s, 3 digit and 10s, 3 digit and 100s

-Begin to use the formal methods for addition and subtraction up to 3 digits

-Solve number problems involving missing numbers


Multiplication and division

-3,4 and 8 times tables

-Look at Abacus methods for multiplication and division and use white rose to assist

-look at and recall inverse operations e.g. 3x20=60 therefore 60/3=20

-Solve problems, including missing number problems using abacus methods



I can explain the importance of a nutritious and balanced diet

I can explain how nutrients, water and oxygen are transported within animals and humans

I can describe and explain the skeletal system of a human

I can describe the purpose of a skeleton

I can describe and explain the muscular system of a human



I can use the Internet safely, understanding the risks associated with Internet use

I can find relevant information by browsing a menu

I can search for an image, copy it and paste it into a document

I can use 'Save picture as' to save an image to the computer

I can copy and paste text into a document

I can use note taking skills to decide what to copy into my own work


RE-updated shortly

We will be learning about belonging to faith communities.



This half term, one PE lesson will be team teaching lead by a cricket coach and the other lesson will develop athletics skills (including stamina and agility).


French-updated shortly

Numbers up to 10


PSHCE/British Values-Updated shortly

Keeping Safe and Managing Risk: Bullying - see it, say it, stop it

End of Year 3 expectations for Reading, Writing and Maths

Questions to ask your children when reading at home