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We will be continuing with 'My Online Life' and also using Word to create information sheets about RobinWood. We will learn how to copy, paste, cut, resize images, add boarders, lock images, add text and textboxes. 

My Online Life


Children will:



Consider the advice they should/would give friends about making good choices online.

Describe  the consequences of making poor online choices. E.g. Online bullying, Inappropriate comments (racially or sexually orientated), uploading inappropriate material, accessing inappropriate sites and breaching copyright laws.

Explain the way men and women can be stereotyped in movies and TV.

Know when to seek help from a trusted adult and not to try and deal with online situations on their own.

Explain how to block and report inappropriate comments or behaviour online.

Explain how to maintain healthy positive relationships with others while online.

Understand behaviours and strategies to prevent and stop online bullying. The child knows and can list the websites and agencies they can contact in case they need help.

Explain what steps they can take to create a positive online imageincluding defining acceptable and unacceptable online behaviour and the benefits this will have to them now and in the future.


This unit of work will also cover: 


Curriculum Drivers:


To be role models by learning not to worry about what others think and develop confidence to take action.

To make connections between what we can see and what we can do about it



-To understand that we all have the power to act and influence the world around us

- To value individuality ad celebrate difference

-To ensure everyone is treated fairly and equally, no matter their race, gender, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation.


British Values:

Mutual Respect

The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty