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Our new unit is called Crossy Roads. The children will create their version of the popular app Crossy Roads by creating graphics and programming within Scratch. They will then add their game improvements. 


The questions we will be covering:

  • What is code?
  • How do we make game graphics?
  • How can we create a program to move a character?
  • How do collision commands work?
  • How can we use variables in a program?
  • How can you make your game even better?


The key objectives covered are:

  • To use decomposition to identify various elements of a game.
  • To use programming knowledge to produce a plan for game design
  • To create a series of game graphics
  •  Sign in and out of an online account and understand why this is important.
  • To upload images and change the properties of a sprite in Scratch.
  • To use the broadcast command to create buttons.
  • To understand that games use X and Y coordinates.
  • To use loops forever and If statements to detect collisions within a game.
  • To debug a program.
  • To know that a variable is used to store values in a program. 
  • To create a variable in a game. 
  • To add to and take away from a variable. 
  • To independently plan improvements to a game program. 


Key Vocabulary:

Code, Debugging, Program,  IF, Then, Broadcast, Background, Sprite, Decomposition, Bugs, Repeat, Sequencing, Variable,  Command, Algorithm, Input / Output