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Week 6

Year 1 had a fantastic trip to Abbey House on Wednesday. The children took part in a 'toys through time' workshop and completed a toy treasure hunt around the museum. We were so impressed by how well the children listened during the workshop and were so proud of how well behaved they were. When we returned to school, the children wrote their own signs for our very own toy museum which we will be setting up during the last week of term.


We have been so impressed by how much the children have learnt and remembered during our topic. This week, the children thought about everything we have learnt and answered our main enquiry question 'how have toys changed in the last 100 years?' Here are some of the fantastic answers that they gave:


MC: “ They changed to plastic and not all metal and now they are in a factory not made by hand.”
LC: “ In the past they were made from wood and now they are not made by hands anymore but in a factory.”
AC: “ They used to be metal and wood and now really slowly it came to plastic.”
FF: “In the past there was metal and wood and now they are plastic and electronic.”
PH: “ Toys were made from metal and wood and now it is mostly plastic. You had to put your hands on them to make them move but now there is a remote.”
RH: “ In the past toys weren’t the same because they didn’t have batteries and you had to use your hands on them.”
OW: “ In the past the design was really easy and now they are fancier. They use machines to make them now.”
WW: “ In the past they had to wind toys up and now you have a remote control.”
HT:” Modern toys use batteries and they move and make sounds and have flashing lights.”


We are really looking forward to welcoming you all for our parent event next Wednesday where the children will be making their animal puppets!