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Welcome to the School Council section of the website.

In this section we hope tell you a bit about the school council and update you on any events that we run throughout the year.

Who is in the school council?
Year Two- Nell and Lucas.  Year Three- Gabriel and Lucy. Year Four- James and Beth Year Five- Lydia and Charlie. Year Six- Jasmine, Ellen and Ralphie.

What is the school council?
Two children from year groups 2-6 come together to form the school council. The school council represent the voice of the pupils and are responsible for raising concerns of their peers. The school council, who are supported by Mr Elliot, then make decisions to act on the issues raised.

What do we do?
The school council organise events to raise money for the school charity. They have fortnightly meetings with their class and pass on any suggestions to relevant staff members. There have suggestions boxes and worry boxes in every classroom which the school council monitor regularly.

When do we meet?
The school council meet with Mr Elliot fortnightly on a Thursday at 12.40pm in the Quad. They meet for 20 minutes.



Red Nose Day Friday 15th March 2019


This As part of our charity fund raising this year, we would like to support Comic Relief on Friday, 15th

March. In order to raise some money for this worthwhile cause, we would like to have a ‘red-themed’ day. Children are encouraged to come to school wearing red and/or Comic Relief Merchandise and they may wear non-school uniform. We would ask for any donation which will go directly to Comic Relief.year School Council would like everyone in school to join them in raising money for Red Nose Day 2019.


School Council would like everyone (Parents included!) to come to school in 


What is Red Nose Day?

  • Red Nose Day is a fundraising event run by Comic Relief that takes places every two years
  • Comic Relief is a UK charity, which aims to create a just world, free from poverty
  • Last Red Nose Day the UK public raised an astonishing £99.4 million to help people living incredibly tough lives both here in the UK and Africa


We’re taking part in Red Nose Day 2019 because:

  • Pupils learn valuable life skills
  • Pupils gain understanding and empathy for others in the world
  • It brings the whole school community together
  • Our school can really make a difference to people’s lives
  • We will also be using Red Nose Day as a learning opportunity to help our pupils explore the issues facing young children across the world, and how the money we raise can help.


Did you know…

  • £3 could pay for a counselling session for a child who has lost of their parents to Ebola in Sierra Leone
  • The money we raise will help people living really tough lives in the UK and across Africa.
  • £2.50 could buy a mosquito net to protect a family in Africa.
  • In the UK, £5 could pay for an isolated elderly person with dementia to have dinner at their local support group.


We really appreciate your support and hope that you’ll have fun helping our school raise lots of money for Red Nose Day.

Upcoming events
Friday 15th March 2019 - Comic Relief

Latest News

Children in Need

On Friday, 16th November our School Council organised a non - uniform day, cake sale and

name the bear competition to raise vital funds for the BBC Children in Need appeal. As ever, our School community has gone above and beyond to support those in need and enable a great charity like Children in Need to continue its outstanding work in the UK. With donations from non-uniform, name the bear and the cake stall we raised a total of £351.11! Thank you to everyone who donated and the school council for running such a fantastic event.


Children’s Heart Surgery Fund


On Tuesday, we were visited by Lisa Williams from the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF) which is one of our two school charities for this academic year. The donations that we have made so far have been very gratefully received and Lisa got in to touch to ask if she could come in to school to personally thank all of the children and to talk to them about how the money they raise is being used. They were shown video clips of young children who had required heart surgery and how CHSF provide medals, teddies and books for them as a reward for their positivity and courage. The money raised by school helps to support the purchase of these items for many, many children across Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. Lisa brought the charity’s mascot – Katie Bear – with her to meet the children and the School Council presented CHSF with a cheque for £494.41. Thank you everyone for your incredible support!

Collingham Lady Elizabeth Hastings School Council Constitution 2018/19


  • To give pupils the opportunity to be involved in improving school life for everyone.
  • For pupils to work as partners with staff, developing a caring school community
  • To provide all pupils with opportunities to develop skills that will be important throughout their lives.
  • To involve pupils in solving problems and resolving conflicts.



  • Elections will be run without prejudice or discrimination.
  • Any class member is entitled to run for Pupil council and the decision in each class will be made by a secret ballot.
  • Children wishing to be considered for school council will need to present a speech to their class giving clear reasons and examples of why they are the most suitable candidate for the job.


The School Council

  • Each class from Year 2 upwards will elect a girl and a boy to be their representative.
  • The school council will be made up of two representatives from each class.
  • The school council will meet once a fortnight.
  • The school council will elect an executive committee to serve the school for a year.
  • The executive committee will consist of a chairperson and a vice-chairperson.
  • The vice-chairperson will take minutes of the school council meetings. These will be distributed to classes to make sure everyone knows about the activities of the council.


Responsibilities of the executive committee

  • The executive committee is responsible for managing the activities of the council; for instance, planning meetings, talking with the link teacher (Mr Elliot).
  • The executive committee should make sure that any issues dealt by the school council and class councils are within the guidelines that have been agreed.
  • The chairperson and vice-chairperson are responsible for running meetings, giving everyone an equal chance to have their say, and making sure the council comes up with practical solutions to problems.


Responsibilities of pupil councillors

  • Class representatives will report back to their class after every school council meeting.
  • A class council meeting will be held once a fortnight.
  • Class representatives will take issues brought up by their class to the school council. They should put across the views of their class, not their own opinions.
  • If a representative misses school council meetings three times without a good reason, the class can choose to elect a new representative.


The school council Rules

All Pupil Council members must:

  • Be respectful and listen to others.
  • Contribute or participate actively in meetings.
  • Follow the school rules and be role models to other pupils.
  • Model good behaviour at all times.
  • Be polite and courteous to others.
  • Not refer to specific individuals or groups during discussions.
  • Use their position on Pupil Council to support and develop their school and peers and not abuse this position in any way.


School Council Charities for 2018/19

Mind provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. Because of Mind, millions more children and adults have access to advice and support thanks to their information and services nationally and locally, in England and Wales.


Based at the Leeds General Infirmary, Children’s Heart Surgery Fund covers the regions of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. Around 400 children from these regions need open heart surgery every year. Their mission is to make the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit a world class centre of excellence – providing the funding and resources needed to care for a child’s heart, mind, family and future.