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Spring Term 2

Given out: Friday 28th March 2024


1.   10 minutes for 10 days Easter challenge - English and Maths.  1 house point for every day that you do - per subject - 20 house points up for grabs!  This is optional but remember, the more you do, the more it will help you 😀.

Please can you make sure that you bring in all your completed challenges by Tuesday 16th April 2024 so that we can reward your hard work with house points.


2.   Timetables - 8x Tables Test B.  Test on Wednesday 17th April 2024.


Percy Jackson: read ch 8 and 9 - questions to be discussed on ch 9 on our return.

Holes:  finish ch 11 and read ch 12 - questions to be discussed on our return.


Have a great Holiday!


Tally Chart for the Big Plastic Count