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This term, we are going to be completing a fieldwork study and will be answering the following question: 

What sustainable features are there in Collingham?

The children will answer the question by researching the following:

How will I answer the question?

Children will recap what sustainability is

Children will be able to talk about what is recycled in our local area by the council (eg no glass or food recycling)

Children to predict what evidence of sustainability they will see while walking around Collingham.

Children to look for evidence of sustainability while walking around Collingham

Write some interview questions to find out how  businesses promote sustainability. 


What data do I need to find?

What is visible in the local area that shows evidence of sustainability (solar panels, recycling bins, electric chargers, clothing bin, book library, bus routes, cycle lanes, bike racks- make a list.


How will I display my data?

Children to create a presentation to show what they found 


What did I find out?

Children will be able to talk about the different sustainable features in Collingham and which ones they could use.

Children will present their finding findings to other people in school. 


Our key vocabulary is

Qualitative, quantitative, sustainability, recycling, business, feature, sustainable features