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Our structure for maths is ... the whole class will receive a carpet input and then all children will go to their tables to complete an activity (some children will be supported by an adult) then there will be 2-3 challenges if children finish the main activity. The children will then return to the carpet for the last 20 minutes of the session and complete some maths fluency and number sense work. This will include: number bonds within 20, one more/less, counting in 2, 5s and 10s, doubles, halves. Whilst Mrs Hesketh or myself are teaching the class, the other adults in the room will be marking books and calling children over if they have any corrections. This means misconceptions can be identified immediately. We started this last year and we cannot believe the impact it has had in such a short space of time. 


The focus for Autumn 1 will be:

Week 1 - Place value to 10

Week 2 - Place value to 10

Week 3 - Place value to 10

Week 4 - Place value to 10

Week 5 - Place value to 10

Week 6 - Addition and Subtraction within 10

Week 7 - Addition and Subtraction within 10

Week 8 - Addition and Subtraction within 10


White Rose have some brilliant resources on their website, please have a look for yourself:


On a Monday we will have a basic skill and arithmetic focus. The focus for the this half term will be:

Week 1 - Training Day

Week 2 - Addition within 10

Week 3 - Addition within 10

Week 4 - Subtraction within 10

Week 5 - Subtraction within 10

Week 6 - Adding zero

Week 7 - Number bonds to 10

Week 8 - Number bonds within 10