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This year we will be following the White Rose scheme of work on a Tuesday-Friday. This will be in line with whole school expectations as we believe it will help every child reach their full potential. 


The focus for autumn 1 will be:

Week 1 - Welcome back to school 

Week 2 - Place value to 10 (Sort, count and represent objects. Count, read and write forwards from any number 0-10.)

Week 3 - Place value to 10 (Count, read and write backwards from any number 0-10. Count one more/less and 1v1 correspondence.)

Week 4 - Place value to 10 (Compare groups using mathematical language, introduce < = > symbols and compare numbers)

Week 5 - Place value to 10 (Order groups of objects, order numbers, ordinal numbers and the number line) 

Week 6 - Addition and Subtraction within 10 (part whole model, addition symbol and addition fact families)

Week 7 - Addition and Subtraction within 10 (Find number bonds for numbers within 10, systematic methods for number bonds within 10, number bonds to 10 and comparing number bonds) 


White Rose have some brilliant resources on their website, please have a look for yourself:


On a Monday we will have a basic skill and arithmetic focus. The focus for the first half term will be:

Week 1 - Welcome back to school

Week 2 - Addition

Week 3 - Subtraction

Week 4 - Addition and Subtraction

Week 5 - Number Bonds to 10

Week 6 - Number bonds to 10

Week 7 - Recap