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The focus for Summer 2 will continue to be 'Information Technology'. Our key focus will be 'Minibeasts'. 


Learning Objectives



(IT) To find and open a digital file.

(IT) To add a photograph and text to a digital document.

(IT) To use a paint application to create a digital self-portrait.

(IT) To use a microphone to record a mini-beast fact.

Outcome: (IT) I can do the basics with an iPad or technology


Lesson 2:

(IT) To sort data to match a label.

(IT) To record data in a tally chart.

(IT) To sort data into different groups.

(IT) To create a pictogram of mini-beasts.

Outcome: (IT) I can collect and sort data


Lesson 3:

(DL) To open a browser and understand the term online.

(DL) To enter keywords into a search engine.

(DL) To conduct an image search.

(IT) To save and insert an image into a document.

Outcome: (DL) I can use a search engine


Lesson 4:

(DL) To use technology safety.

(IT) To take good quality photographs.

(IT) To delete poor-quality photographs from a device.

(IT) To share and present the photographs in a digital document.

Outcome: (IT) I can use technology to create and present my ideas 


Lesson 5:

(IT) To use a paint application and various tools.

(IT) To export and share a picture. (IT) To use a microphone to record a narration.

(IT) To take information, reformat it and present it.

Outcome: (IT) I can organise and store my digital work.


Lesson 6:

(IT) To safety, hold a camera and record video clips.

(IT) To present information as a video clip.

(IT) To review video clips.

(IT) To write a simple script.

Outcome: (IT) I can take a good quality photograph and video on an iPad/digital camera