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The focus for Spring 2 will continue to be 'Modern Tales'.


Using the vehicle of the children’s stories, the children will learn to navigate the rules of online safety and communication. The children will learn about opening, saving and creating digital files. The children will finally create simple animations based on an online situation they may encounter.


  • I can do the basics with technology.
  • I can take a good quality photograph and video on an iPad/digital camera.
  • I can use technology to create and present my ideas.
  • I can organise and store my digital work.
  • I can collect and sort data.
  • I can recognise the ways we use technology in our classroom, my home and community.
  • I can use a search engine.
  • I understand something online may upset and know where to find help it anything does.
  • I can describe how to behave online in ways that do not upset others and can give examples.
  • I know the rules of using technology at home or in school.
  • I can explain what personal information is and give examples of it