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This half term our topic is 'There's no place like home'. 


In history, children will be learning about significant places in our locality. The key question will be:

  • How has Collingham high street changed in the last 80 years (in living memory)?


We will:

  • Ask children where they go/ how they get their food shopping? Discuss supermarkets such as Tesco. Discuss shopping habits in the past and how they have changed 
  • Look at old photos of Collingham high street and identify main changes.
  • Communicate learning through simple labelled pictures.


Some key vocabulary for the topic will be: change, now, then, similarity, difference, supermarket, butchers, bakers, grocers

In art, we will be looking at the artist Andy Warhol and Hiroshige as well as the skill of printing. 
We will:
  • Print with a range of hard and soft materials e.g. corks, pen barrels, sponge, lego blocks.
  • Explore printing using a range of found and natural objects.
  • Explore simple printmaking. For example using plasticine.
  • Search out found objects to be used as tools to press into plasticine to create texture.
  • Use rollers to create pressure to make a print.
  • Design and create a repeating pattern.


Some key vocabulary for the topic will be: tools, roller, pressure, paint, ink, print, fade, colour, detail, direct printing, relief printing, texture, design, repeating, pattern, tools.




In geography, we will be looking at urban and rural areas. As part of the topic we will:

  • Answer some questions about Collingham/Wetherby using different resources, such as books, the internet and atlases.
  • Identify key features of rural and urban areas and identify which do they live in
  • Identify the key human and physical features of Collingham and Wetherby.
  • Use an Ordnance Survey map of Collingham to identify symbols used.
  • Draw a basic map of the local area, using a key.


Some key vocabulary for the topic will be: rural, urban, village, town, city, local, aerial photos, maps, feature, physical, human, fieldwork, observe, environment, aerial view, symbols, key, human feature, physical feature, location, perspective, key