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Our topic for Summer 2 will be 'London's Burning!'. 


In Art - Our focus will be Expressive Painting and our question will be How can we explore colour using a variety of mark marking tools?

The key skills will be:

Pupils become familiar with creating drawings using their whole body, whilst experiencing a range of drawing materials.

Pupils discover an artist and will demonstrate their understanding of the artist’s work by responding through a making challenge and peer discussion.

Pupils consolidate their understanding of how they can make spiral drawings using their whole bodies by making “snail drawings”. Pupils push exploration of different qualities of line, colour blending, and mark making using chalk and oil pastels.

Pupils become familiar with what a sketchbook can be used for. They will make or personalise their own sketchbooks, demonstrating that they have ownership of their sketchbook and understand that it is a platform for personal creative risk taking.

Pupils become familiar with the idea that they can make drawings through observation. Pupils show an understanding of what a continuous line drawing is and have had the opportunity to experiment with scale, line and materials.

Pupils reflect on their drawings over the half term, sharing what they like and what they would like to try again through peer discussion.


In History  We will be looking at Events Beyond Living Memory + Local History (The Great Fire of Wetherby). Our key question will be 'What changed because of the Great Fire of London?'


Lesson 1 - To know what London houses and streets were like in 1666.


Lesson 2 - To know why it is referred to as the 'great' fire of London.

Lesson 3 - To know when, where and why the fire started.

Lesson 4 - To know the methods used to put the fire out. 

Lesson 5 - To know reasons why the fire spread so quickly.

Lesson 6 - To know Samuel Pepys wrote a diary and this tells us about the fire

Lesson 7 - To know how London was re-built to prevent such an event happening again

Lesson 8 - To sequence the events of the Great Fire of London

Lesson 9 - To know there was a Great Fire of Wetherby in 1723