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This half term our topic is 'London's Burning'. 


In history, children will be learning about the Great Fire of London (this is always a popular topic with Y1 children). They will be learning:

  • What London houses and streets were like in 1666
  • Understand phases such as 'then and now', 'the olden days' and 'a long time ago'
  • To know why it is referred to as the Great Fire of London
  • To know when, where and why the Great Fire started
  • To know the methods used to put the fire out
  • To understand reasons why the fire spread quickly
  • To know Samuel Pepys wrote and diary which helped us know about the fire
  • To know how London was re built to stop anything like the fire happening again
  • To sequence the events of the Great Fire
  • To know there was a Great Fire of Wetherby which started in 1723


In art, we will use drawing, painting and sculpturing to develop and share ideas, experiences and imagination. We will also develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.