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Our topic for Autumn 2 will be 'There's no place like home'. 


In History - Our key question will be 'How has Collingham school changed over time and how do we know?'

Lesson 1 - Who was Lady Elizabeth Hastings and why is our school named after her?

Lesson 2 - How has our school building changed over the last century and how do we know?

Lesson 3 - How was school life different for children at our school in the past?


In Art - Our focus will be drawing and in particular 'Spirals'. Our key question will be 'How can we use our whole bodies to make drawings.'

Lesson 1 - How can we use our bodies to make drawings?

Lesson 2 - What kind of marks can we make with chalk and oil pastels?

Lesson 3 - What is a sketchbook and what can we use it for?

Lesson 4 - How can I apply mark making to observational drawing?

Lesson 5 - How can I reflect on my artwork?