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The topic for autumn 2 will be 'Moon Zoom' and be centred around space. Children will be learning about the different planets through different songs and they will be able to pick their favourite planet to do a focused activity. We will be learning about the first landing on the moon as well as other significant space events which happened in the 20th century. Year 1 will be learning about Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake and deciding how they are similar and different. In art, Year 1 will be replicating Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' painting as well as doing their own version of Peter Thorpe's rocket paintings. In music, we will be learning some space songs in order for us to remember key facts.


This topic has a lot of science as well so please check out the science section to see what else we will be learning. 


As we move towards Christmas, we will be doing some lovely craft activities with the children so please look out for that.