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During Summer 1 we will be studying 'Judaism' and our key question will be 'Who is Jewish and how do they live'. 


Making sense of belief:

Recognise the words of the Shema as a Jewish prayer

Re-tell simply some stories used in Jewish celebrations (e.g. Chanukah or Sukkot)

Give examples of how the stories used in celebrations (e.g. Shabbat) remind Jews about what God is like.


Understanding the impact:

Give examples of how Jewish people celebrate special times (e.g. Shabbat, Sukkot, Chanukah)

Make links between Jewish ideas of God found in the stories and how people live Give an example of how some Jewish people might remember God in different ways (e.g. mezuzah, on Shabbat).


Making connections:

Ask some questions about what Jewish people celebrate and why

Talk about what they think is good about reflecting, thanking, praising and remembering for Jewish people

Give a good reason for their ideas about whether any of these things are good for them too