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During Autumn 1 we will be studying 'God' and our key question will be 'What do Christians believe God is like?'. 


By the end of the unit, pupils will be able to:


  • Identify what a parable is.
  • Tell the story of the Lost Son from the Bible simply, and recognise a link with the concept of God as a forgiving Father.
  • Give clear, simple accounts of what the story means to Christians.
  • Give at least two examples of a way in which Christians show their belief in God as loving and forgiving; for example, by saying sorry; by seeing God as welcoming them back; by forgiving others.
  • Give an example of how Christians put their beliefs into practice in worship; by saying sorry to God, for example.
  • Think, talk and ask questions about whether they can learn anything from the story for themselves, exploring different ideas.


By the end of the unit, pupils will know that: 

  • Christians believe in God, and that they find out about God in the Bible.
  • Christians believe God is loving, kind, fair and forgiving, and also Lord and King.
  • Some stories show these Christian beliefs.
  • Christians worship God and try to live in ways that please him.