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Spring 1



The children will continue playing the ukulele and will continue to build upon the amazing skills they learnt in the Autumn term. 


Listen and Appraise


The children will learn to listen critically to a broad range of music. The shared knowledge of music is crucial cultural capital in understanding where we came from and our place in the world.

We will cover the following objectives:

  • To identify and move to the pulse with ease.
  • To think about the message of songs.
  • To compare two songs in the same style, talking about what stands out musically in each of them, their similarities and differences.
  • Listen carefully and respectfully to other people’s thoughts about the music.
  • Use musical words when talking about the songs.
  • To talk about the musical dimensions working together in the Unit songs.
  • Talk about the music and how it makes you feel, using musical language to describe the music.