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English Autumn


Class novel - George's Marvellous Medicine.

Guided reading texts include - Mum and dad make me laugh, Willy the Wimp, The creation story, non fiction texts including Bonfire Safety and Advent, Voices in the Park, Traction Man, The First Christmas


Grammar & Punctuation

  • Capital letters - start a sentence, names, I
  • Question marks, exclamation marks
  • Commas in a list
  • Word classes - adjectives, nouns, noun phrases, verbs, adverbs
  • Conjunctions - coordination. subordination
  • Sentence types - questions and commands


Spelling and phonics

Set 2 phonics followed by set 3.

6 Red words per week to learn.

RWInc spelling programme. Book 2A 1 unit per week:

Unit 1 - The or sound spelt a before l and ll

Unit 2 - soft c

Unit 3 - adding the suffix y (2)

Unit 4 - adding the suffix y (2)

Unit 5 - adding the suffix ly

Unit 6 - the n sound spelt kn and gn

Unit 7 - the igh sound spelt y

Unit 8 - adding the suffix ing(1)

Unit 9 - adding the suffix ing (2)

Unit 10 - the j sound

Unit 11 - the o sound spelt a after w and qu





Character description

Description of activities



Skills to be developed - writing stamina, planning & rehearsing, holding a sentence, editing