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Art Pathway: Shadow Puppets             Enquiry Question: How can we adapt traditional techniques of makers, and transfer them to create our own narratives?



  • Children will learn that paper can be cut and shaped in ways to create form and character.
  • Children will understand that artists use paper creatively to make their artwork.
  • Children will learn about how shadow puppets are historically significant.
  • Children will learn how to use paper, and methods of joining and construction to create a shadow puppet character.
  • Children will engage with their story, Fox, story to develop a collaborative shadow puppet ready for performance.  They will use their own missing chapter/ alternative ending as a stimulus for their puppet show.
  • They will hen display the work made through the term and reflect on the outcomes. 
  • To end this topic, the children will put on a performance of their 'Fox' piece, using their shadow puppets.