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For the summer 2 half term, Year 1 will have 5 phonics lessons across the week. As well as the phonics lessons, Year 1 will have one 'Big Write' a week, 4 mini grammar lessons, 2 book focused sessions, a tricky word session and a comprehension session. When the children are not working directly with an adult they will be completing independent tasks which will be based around cursive writing, tricky words and writing in full sentences. Some of the independent work will also be based around texts we are doing in class. 


The big write will continue to be on a Wednesday this half term. The focus will remain as capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, writing on the line, letters the right way round, using our phonics, remembering our tricky words and writing in full sentences. We will also be encouraging children to use anything new they will be learning in grammar. This will include question, exclamation marks and applying suffixes to writing. 


We are going to continue to have a real focus on grammar over this term and the children will have 4 lessons across the week. In grammar children will be learning about composing a sentence orally, finger spaces, capital letters (names and beginning of a sentence), full stops, what a noun and verb is, adjectives and using 'and' and 'because' to join clauses, question and exclamation marks, the prefix 'un', adding -ing, er and est and plurals. 


We will also make sure we are using non fiction books and explaining the difference to the children between these and normal story/fiction books.