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For the autumn 1 half term, Year 1 will have 5 phonics lessons across the week. As well as the phonics lessons, Year 1 will have one 'Big Write' a week as well as daily sessions focused around a text/story. When the children are not working directly with an adult they will be completing independent tasks which will be based around cursive writing, tricky words and writing in full sentences. Some of the independent work will also be based around texts we are doing in class. 


The Big Write will be on a Wednesday this half term. The main focus will be for the children to write in full sentences. We will particularly focus on capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, writing on the line, letters the right way round, using our phonics and remembering our tricky words. 


Some key texts we are using this half term are:

Traction Man - Mini Grey

Old Bear - Jane Hissey

Dogger - Shirley Hughes

Lost in the Toy Museum - David Lucas

Ruby's Worry - Tom Percival

The Selfish Crocodile - Faustin Charles

The Hare and the Tortoise