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During Summer 2 we will have a greater focus on comprehension skills as the children's fluency is increasing. This will include; retrieval, vocabulary understanding, predicting, sequencing and inference. 


Reading is very important for any age group but especially this year. We actively encourage children to read everyday and this does not always have to be a reading book. Some other ideas are newspaper articles, magazines, food labels, signs or maybe even reading to a younger sibling. I am sure you and your children can be a lot more creative than we are! We would love the children to develop a pleasure for reading and it is essential that children experience a variety of books and texts so they can find a style or genre which suits them.


When Miss Thackray was younger and in Year 1 she developed a love for Roald Dahl books and would read them every day! When Mrs Hesketh was younger, she also loved Roald Dahl books but really enjoyed 'The Secret Seven' by Enid Blyton and loved to read about the adventures and mysteries Peter and Janet would solve! Who is going to be your favourite author in Year 1? We cannot wait to know.


The school reading books are brilliant to develop confidence, fluency, decoding skills and recognition of tricky and high frequency words. Another focus in Year 1 alongside the phonics is to develop comprehension skills. It is essential that you ask your child questions about the book when you are reading with them. We have linked some examples of questions at the bottom of the Year 1 class page. If you would like anymore information on this please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team. 


Some key texts we are using this half term are:

  • Paddington Bear
  • A walk in London
  • Katie in London
  • This in London
  • Toby and the Great Fire of London
  • Vlad and the Great Fire of London
  • Traditional Tales
  • Summer stories (related to science)


Also, this year we will continue looking at 5 core books and poems as well as revisiting books read in reception. This will continue throughout the year with the aim of the children having a deep understanding of these core books and poems. Children have LOVED these sessions in Reception.  


Year 1 Core Books:

Dogger (Shirley Hughes)

Snail and the Whale (Julia Donaldson)

The Selfish Crocodile (Faustin Charles)

Shine (Sarah Asuquo)

Jack and the Beanstalk


Reception Core Books:

Peace at Last (Jill Murphy)

Superworm (Julia Donaldson)

The Lion Inside (Rachel Bright)

And Tango Makes Three (Justin Richardson)

The Three Little Pigs


Year 1 Core Poems:

Nursery Rhyme - 10 green bottles

Michael Rosen - Do I know you?

Nonsense - On the Ning Nang Nong

Alliterative - Tim the Terrifying Tiger

RESPECT Code - Kind Hearts are the Gardens


Reception Core Poems:

Nursery Rhyme - Polly Put the Kettle on

Michael Rosen - Lunchtime

Nonsense - Hey Diddle Diddle

Alliterative - Peter Piper

RESPECT Code - Look After Your Friends