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In English this term, we will finish our guided reading book of Wonder by RJ Palacio.


Initially, we will be looking at the Lewis Carroll Poem Jabberwocky in our Enhglish lessons. Within this unit we will:


  • Analyse and identify features of the poem
  • Read and learn to recite the poem
  • Write an imitation poem ( and perform it)
  • Compare it with other famous narrative poems
  • Write a non-chronological report based on creatures in the poem. 


Additionally, linked to our science, we will write an explanation text on the life cycle of a butterfly and, to tie in with our Rivers topic, a tv script based on the Plastic Times tv news report about plastic in the oceans. 


Our grammar and punctuation focuses for this half-term will continue to be phrases and clauses, including relative clauses, building cohesion within and across paragraphs and recapping the Year 4 content of punctuating direct speech. We will also look at modal verbs and adverbs of possibility. Finally, we will look to introduce commas to clarify meaning and avoid ambiguity.