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In English this half term, we will be using the book Wonder as the main focus of our lessons. From this we will,


To consider the themes of the novel and explain why the first precept was chosen by Mr. Browne.

To learn how to use a thesaurus and devise a precept

To use dictionaries and thesauruses to build a bank of vocabulary to describe August.

To describe August from several perspectives.

To consider what makes a speech emotive.

To use rhetorical questions and stylistic devices.

To plan August’s speech to be read at Daisy’s funeral.

To write August’s speech to be read at Daisy's funeral.

To precis a text - Children follow instructions to produce a precis of the events of Chapter.

To explore Alien and Voices in the Dark using drama.

To write a diary entry about the events in the woods.

To plan a letter to Eddie from August.

To write a letter to Eddie from August.




In grammar, we will continue to embed the work that we have done so far and begin to look at using brackets, dashes and commas to indicate parenthesis and look at how to use colons to introduce a list.