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Year 3 Mathematics Curriculum Overview - White Rose Maths


Welcome to the Year 3 Mathematics Curriculum overview. In Year 3, we embark on an exciting mathematical journey where we build upon the foundational concepts learned in previous years. Our curriculum is designed to engage, challenge, and inspire children while fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.


Number and Place Value: In Year 3, children delve deeper into number sense and place value. They explore larger numbers, developing a solid understanding of hundreds, tens, and ones. Students learn to compare and order numbers, round them to the nearest ten and hundred, and work with number patterns.


Addition and Subtraction: Children continue to refine their addition and subtraction skills, extending their mental math strategies and practicing column addition and subtraction. They also explore word problems to apply their skills in real-life contexts.


Multiplication and Division: Multiplication and division take centre stage in Year 3. Children learn multiplication facts and strategies for efficient multiplication, as well as beginning to explore division as the inverse of multiplication. They will solve problems involving equal groups and sharing.


Fractions: The world of fractions is introduced in Year 3. Children learn to understand and represent fractions using shapes and numbers. They will compare and order fractions, as well as explore fractions of quantities.


Measurement: Measurement becomes more comprehensive in Year 3. Children extend their knowledge of length, mass, and capacity, exploring different units of measurement and practicing conversions. Time and money are also introduced, with children learning to read analogue clocks and solve money-related problems.


Geometry: Geometry takes shape as children explore 2D and 3D shapes, their properties, and classifications. They will learn about angles, symmetry, and how to describe and visualize shapes using appropriate mathematical language.


Statistics: Year 3 children engage with simple statistics concepts by collecting, representing, and interpreting data. They learn to create and read basic graphs, such as bar charts and pictograms, while also analysing data sets.


Problem Solving and Reasoning: Throughout the Year 3 curriculum, a strong emphasis is placed on problem-solving and mathematical reasoning. Children are encouraged to apply their mathematical knowledge to a variety of contexts, fostering critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.


Assessment: Assessment is an integral part of the learning process. Regular assessments help us track children's progress, identify areas of strength, and address areas that might need additional focus. These assessments are designed to be supportive and informative, providing valuable insights into each child's mathematical journey.


Parental Involvement: We believe in the importance of collaboration between home and school. Parents and guardians are encouraged to support their child's mathematical development by engaging in conversations about math, practicing skills together, and exploring everyday math situations.


We are excited to embark on this mathematical adventure with your child in Year 3. Our carefully designed curriculum, enriched with interactive activities and engaging resources, aims to make mathematics an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all children. Let's explore, discover, and excel in the world of numbers and patterns together!

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