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The Year 2 Team.

Welcome to Year Two








We hope you've had a very 'Happy Easter'.

We are looking forward to Miss Lilley joining us this term. She will be in school from Wednesday 20th April and will be teaching alternate Wednesday afternoons then all day Thursday and Friday.


Welcome to Year 2. 

A very warm welcome back to Year 2. 

Your teaching team is Mrs Hughes, Miss Lilley, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Bolton. We are very excited that Miss Lilley is joining the team after Easter. Mrs Shaw is our teaching assistant on Monday – Wednesday mornings and Mrs Bolton is our teaching assistant on Thursday and Friday mornings.  

It's hard to believe we're starting the last term in Year 2. It seems no time at all that we were at the beginning of our Year 2 journey. We have lots of fabulous learning still to do not to mention the trip in week 2 which will be brilliant - so lots to look forward to.

As you know 'May' is the Year 2 SATs assessment window. We do the papers in groups so it takes the whole month to complete the assessments. The children are working very hard and the tests will just confirm what we know they can do - amazing things! :)


We hope you enjoy reading our class page. Topic information will be updated ready for the start of each half term. Photographs will be updated after an event.’ 

We hope you are all well and have had a great Easter break. 

Take care,


Mrs Hughes, Miss Lilley, Mrs Shaw,  and Mrs Bolton

The Year 2 Team

Update 13/5/22

We will be saying farewell to Miss Hirst this week from Year 2. It has been very lovely to have her with us in Year 2 for the last 6 weeks. We wish her all the very best in her teaching journey. Having said all that she will be returning to school briefly for a short placement in Reception (She has enjoyed being with us so much she wanted to stay a little longer! :)

The Year 2 Team

KS1 Statutary Assessments

We will be starting the assessments this week ( 9/5/22) as well as doing prep work in between. It is a very busy time for Year 2 but we have 'Haribos' to help us through it! :) The assessments will go on throughout May so we hope everyone is well and raring to go. The children continue to work very hard and are well prepared so I'm sure they'll take it all in their stride.

Mrs Hughes and the Year 2 team

27/4/22 - Skelton Grange Environmental Centre Trip

We had a fabulous time on our trip and did lots of science investigating. We found out so much about a variety of habitats including micro habitats in the woodland and investigated what lives in a pond habitat. The children were so amazing and Chris (Centre leader)  was very impressed at how enthusiastic they were. Well done Year 2 ! :) and a big thank you to all the helpers.

Class bulbs - the tubs are looking amazing!

30/3/22 - Parent Event

We are pleased to welcome Miss Hirst who is a trainee teacher. She will be with us for the next 6 weeks. She really enjoyed meeting you all last week.

It was so lovely to see you all at our 'Parent Event'. Thank you so much for joining us and helping with our research about 'Global Habitats'. Our lovely class governor Mrs Wood had a brilliant afternoon meeting you all and sharing our learning.

Photos to be posted soon.

UPDATE 25/2/22 - Year 2 Trip 27th April 2022

We have managed to secure a date for a Year 2 trip to Skelton Grange nature reserve as part of our Summer 1 topic 'Plants'. Dates were limited so we grabbed the 27th April. This date had been scheduled as a parent event which we will endeavour to reschedule. We hope this change is OK and doesn't inconvenience you. 

Thank you,

The Year 2 Team

UPDATE 27/1/22 - Reading books - 2 reading books will be sent home every Wednesday. 1 reading book will be matched to their current phonic level and the other will be a comprehension and vocabulary book. Some children are also getting a copy of their current RWInc guided reader as well (these don't need to go on 'Go Read). There is a lot of phonic practice in these books. The children know what to do. :) There are sounds to practise, green words to sound out then blend and red words to read on sight. There are also handy questions for you to chat about at the back. Children will need to return all their books the following Tuesday. Books will be changed if the Go Read app has been updated by 8.50am on the Tuesday morning. 

Update - 2 X, 5 X and 10 X times tables

We will be doing daily practice on these tables up to half term then they will become part of the daily maths quiz during registration. Please practice at home - in and out of order. We will also be doing the division compliments in next week's practices. The children can use their fingers to help count in 2s , 5s and 10s to work out facts they don't know. 

Update Spring  - PE will be on a Monday indoors and Friday - outdoors (weather permitting). Please can long hair be tied back as per the PE policy, thanks.

Update - Bulbs for Science


Science - we have started to plant the bulbs in our class tubs. We have such a huge variety of bulbs - Thanks so much :)

We are really going to enjoy watching them grow.



Parent Event 20/10/21

Thank you so much for joining us to build vehicles. The children had a fabulous time and the vehicles were totally amazing. There were so many D.T. skills being discussed  - brilliant! I am busy sorting photos now and will post them here soon :)

Thanks again for coming,

Mrs Hughes

Upcoming Events


Summer 2022

May 2022 - Year 2 Statutary Assessment Window

Tuesday 19th April - welcome back after Easter

Wednesday 27th April - Trip to Skelton Grange Environment Centre

Monday 2nd May - Bank Holiday

Friday 27th May - close for Half Term

Monday 6th June - welcome back after Half Term

Wednesday 8th June - Sports Day

Friday 22nd July -  close for Summer Holidays


Autumn 2 - Phonics screen

May 2022 is the Year 2 SATs assessment window. We will use the whole month to complete the assessments.



1st homework will be set 14th October 2021

Homework is set on a Thursday to be completed by the following Tuesday. See 'Homework' link below.

Reading - Daily reading is the most important homework.

Other homework includes spelling practice for a check up each Monday for Mrs Hughes English group. There will also be maths linked to the week's focus and sometimes Big Talk prep for our writing sessions on Tuesdays.  

Spelling - It is really important that Year 2 pupils work on their spellings at home which are written weekly in the spelling logs. They are included on the homework for information too. There will be weekly spelling check- ups on Monday. Times tables will be introduced later in the year.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about homework. Hopefully it all makes sense and is easy to follow :) 


SUMMER 1 2022 - Our topic Habitats in science will continue for a couple of weeks as we cover food chains and micro habitats on our trip to Skelton Grange. The new topic for this half term will be 'Madagascar'. Geography will be the driver and we will be finding out where it is and what it's like there. We will also be building on the geography work from  Autumn and comparing Madagascar to the UK and Collingham. In Science this half term we will be studying plants (including our bulbs) and growing seeds. Our class readers will be 'Wild', Snow Tales' then a selection of Traditional Tales as these will be part of our English learning.


We will spend time initially recapping phonics, spellings, handwriting and grammar from Year 1. There will be an emphasis on reading and we will be sharing texts in class in guided reading and at 'Storytime'.

Reading - Reading at home is very important. Please encourage your child to read aloud each evening and discuss what they have read. You can support your child by asking them questions about what they have read, help them to make predictions and explore what a character is thinking and feeling. Inference is a 'BIG' Year 2 skill so discussing texts is super important with those 'why' questions. Do use the question suggestions in lots of the new reading books. They are varied and can guide your discussions.

Spelling - Mrs Hughes' group spellings are in the spelling logs weekly (and on the homework weekly as well ). Spellings are tested on a Monday.


See below for English Term by term in Year 2.


Maths - we will be recapping work from Year 1 as we move through the maths topics.


We are continuing 'Living Things and their Habitats' in science for a couple of weeks as part of our 'Habitats' topic. Our trip after Easter to Skelton Grange will also cover some of the learning for both habitats and the plants topic in summer 1. 

The new science for Summer 1 is 'Plants'. We will be finding out what plants need to grow and stay healthy. We will also observe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants.


See below for science term by term in Year 2.

Simple view of reading

Expectations for year 2 in reading, writing and maths.

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