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We are committed to safeguarding; if you have any concerns about the well being of a child in school please contact a member of staff.


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      New Year wishes to everyone. We are thinking of you.

The Year 2 Team.


Welcome to Year Two








The Year 2 Team.

Thursday is recorder day! Thank you for naming the recorders; it makes it much easier to match the recorder with the child. Mrs Meek


Welcome to Year 2. We are so pleased to be back together in school this term and we cannot wait to get started. We have lots of new strategies in place to keep you safe, as well as our usual hand washing routine.

A very warm welcome to Year 2.  We hope you enjoy reading our class page, especially finding out about all the wonderful things we will be doing throughout the year. Latest news will be updated fortnightly on a Thursday. Photographs will be updated after an event.


During the Autumn Term, it will be important to both consolidate and build upon learning from the previous term and year. We will start by exploring 'lifelong learning' and becoming confident, resilient learners so that we are ready to get stuck into the Year 2 curriculum. We will be spending time recapping Year 1 skills in maths and English and covering some transition work for Year 2.


We realise it's still all a bit strange so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you any queries or questions.


Topic information will be updated ready for the start of each half term. Latest news will be updated fortnightly on a Thursday. Photographs will be updated after an event.


Your teaching team will be Mrs Hughes, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Meek. Mrs Shaw will be our teaching assistant and she will be with us Monday – Friday mornings. Mrs Meek will teach Year 2 on a Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Lowe and Mrs King will also be supporting us throughout the week.

PE will be on a Monday and Friday afternoon. The first PE session will be Friday 11th September so children will need to come to school in their PE kit on the first Friday back. Monday PE sessions will be dance with a dance coach.


So that you can take your learning as far as possible, this page will be updated regularly with all the learning and events that will be taking place. Each half term our learning objectives will be put up so that you know what we will be doing and fortnightly we will be updating you on all the latest news and any upcoming events that you need to be aware of.


We are really looking forward to our time in year 2 this year, and hope that you are too!

Mrs Hughes, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Meek, Mrs Lowe and Mrs King 

The Year 2 Team


Upcoming Events

Monday 7th September 2020 - Training Day

Tuesday 8th September 2020 - School opens for Autumn term

Tuesday 24th November & Wednesday 25th November - Parent's Evening

Monday 30th November - filming Christmas DVD - Year 2 to wear something 'Christmasy'

Wednesday 9th December - Flu Vaccinations

Tuesday 15th December - 'Save the Children' Christmas jumper day.

Friday 18th December - close for Christmas

Latest News


Hi there,

Well this is not what we were hoping for is it? This is really not how we wanted to start 2021.

We hope you managed to have a good Christmas break despite the isolating. We were so looking forward to seeing you all this week. It was so disappointing to hear the New Year restrictions from the government on Monday. We are very sad that we have to go to remote learning and we'll miss you all very much Year 2. That being said there is some great learning planned for this term and we hope you find your way around Google Classroom to enjoy it.


We are starting the new term with a topic about Families. In Science we will studying 'Animals Including Humans' and in history we will try and find out what life was like for families in the past. 

Home Learning

The home learning is taking shape on Google Classroom and will be live from Thursday 7th this week. There will be approx 3 activities each day - Maths, English and Topic. Maths, English and Science are always the priority if you are struggling for time - I realise it's all going to be a huge challenge again. There will be a mix of screen activities, pencil and paper, discussion... What ever you manage with recording and practising will be great. We understand if you can't print off sheets - recording in other ways on paper is fine.Google classroom allows you to upload responses and comment on work. The policy that was emailed gives more detail of what you can expect. We will do our best. The Year 2 class email will be live again from Thursday (it has been closed since last summer) so you can get in touch directly during school hours if you need to - 8.30am - 4.30pm. 

Your patience is much appreciated as we settle into this new way of learning for us. The initial maths activities (multiplication) are pitched according to pre learning done before Christmas. It proved to be quite tricky for lots of children so there is some Y1 revision included to get everyone warmed up. As we progress through multiplication and then on to division self selecting of challenges will be included as skills and confidence develop. In English we will continue with weekly spellings, handwriting and a grammar focus as well as reading activities, phonics and a writing task.

We look forward to catching up with everyone as the term progresses.

Take care and very best wishes,

Mrs Hughes and the Year 2 Team.  





Hi there,

It was great to catch up with everyone on the Parents Evenings. So lovely to get to chat to you about all your lovely children.


Not many sleeps now! The children really enjoyed the special activities last week in the Tee Pee. They have also been very busy in class creating some special things in D.T. Say no more.

This week in the RWInc spelling programme we will do some special focus units and pick up the next spelling unit after the holiday. I've added the 'Red Word'  lists for Y1 and Y2 at the bottom of the page so you can see the words we need to learn to both read and spell. Practising spellings and handwriting during the holidays will keep them current if you get chance. 


We will be doing science post learning about 'Materials' this week. The children have found out so much about different materials and their properties as well as some amazing inventors who created incredible materials. We will also be finishing our maths work on money this week and start some of the multiplication topic.


Thank you for all the lovely comments about the new reading books. So glad the children are enjoying them and loving discussing them with you. I've updated the 'Reading Questions' guide at the bottom of the page if your looking for guidance for those discussions. The non fiction books have been a particular hit.I have found out so many amazing things from the wealth of new non fiction books. Brilliant!

I know you know this next bit now but I've kept it just in case you missed it.

We continue to get to grips with our new 'Big Cat' reading scheme and really appreciate your patience with this. Turning the books around is getting a slightly less lengthy process but we are still at capacity doing this weekly. As not all books were returned for the 'big numbering exercise' we still have some gaps and numbers to add. We are trying hard not to duplicate by carefully checking records - it was much easier in Year 2 in the past when pupils could independently change their own books because they knew quickly if they had read them before and the sequence was easier to follow. We  promise it will get 'slicker'. We are being very mindful of any gaps in phonics so some of our new books are phonics books. There may be some adjustments to reading books in light of recent.assessments. It is great to hear that lots of the children love reading and read all sorts of exciting things at home. Definitely keep reading a wide variety over and above school books. Books that go home are just a part of the reading provision. We do weekly guided reading using more challenging texts with discussion and comprehension activities. Currently we are reading about 'Advent' and 'The first Christmas'. Spotting our grammar in books is also a great way to embed their use - sentence types are on the agenda at the moment. With 'Advent' in mind, do check out the Purple Mash Year 2 notice board with the Christmas trees - amazing!


We hope you continue to stay well.Thank you for all your support and kind comments. We really appreciate it. Do give us a wave at drop off or pick up if you get chance - it's not easy with all the staggering! I am missing not getting to see you all at the start and end of the days.

Do take care and have a very lovely Christmas,

Mrs Hughes and the Year 2 team.

Planting Bulbs

1st September 2020 - Drop off and collection arrangements


We will spend time initially recapping phonics, spellings, handwriting and grammar from Year 1. There will be an emphasis on reading and we will be sharing texts in class in guided reading sessions.

Reading - Reading at home is very important. Please encourage your child to read aloud each evening and discuss what they have read. You can support your child by asking them questions about what they have read, help them to make predictions and explore what a character is thinking and feeling. Inference is a 'BIG' Year 2 skill so discussing texts is super important with those 'why' questions. It will take a little while to reintroduce reading books/reading records and your patience is appreciated. We have a new scheme in school and we have some new  phonics books for practising particular sounds. Reading books go home on a Monday to be returned on a Friday. Update: no reading records will go home now so 'post its' are being used. Please keep the 'post it' attached so we quickly know whose book is whose in the quarantine box. Thanks so much.

Maths - we will be recapping work from Year 1 as we move through the maths topics.



Update: In Year 2, homework is set now being set each Monday and should be completed by Monday of the following week. This has been changed so that we can choose our spelling words to 'log and learn' together for the new unit on a Monday.

No actual work needs to come into school at the moment so most of the homework is activities, discussions, online games etc. I will set Purple Mash 2Dos linked to learning in the classroom and I will post replies weekly to work submitted. There are some great games so do have fun!

It is really important that Year 2 pupils work on their spellings at home. There will be weekly spelling check- ups. Times tables will be introduced later in the year.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about homework. Hopefully it all makes sense and is easy to follow :) 

KS1 Non Negotiable Spellings

Expectations for year 2 in reading, writing and maths.

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