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Year 2

We are committed to safeguarding; if you have any concerns about the well being of a child in school please contact a member of staff.

Welcome to Year Two




Look here for urgent information.


PE after the half term holiday will change to Tuesday with a dance coach and Friday again outdoors.


Show and Tell for Dales will be on Tuesday 5th November.




Recorder lessons 

Lessons will start on Thursday 12th September. If you have ordered a recorder they will be given out then (if they have arrived!)

Please stick NAMES ON RECORDERS as they all look exactly the same. I will let you know when we are ready for music books. Thanks.


PE Autumn 2:

Please wear PE uniform on PE days. Track suits to be worn over shorts. Long hair must be tied back. Thank you.

Tuesdays and Fridays -Tuesday will be dance indoors with a dance coach and the Friday session will be outdoors. Please, please, please name all tracksuit tops / bottoms etc as they really do all look alike. Thank you.

Welcome to Year 2

I hope you enjoy reading our class page. Topic information will be updated ready for the start of each topic which is approximately each half term. Latest news will be updated fortnightly on  a Thursday. Photographs will be updated after an event.

The Year Two staff team consists of Mrs Hughes and Mrs. Meek. Mrs Questa will also be working alongside year 2 over the week.


We are welcoming Mr Straker and Miss Kahn for Autumn 2. They are teacher trainees and will be working with us until Christmas.


Reading books will be changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Show and Tell sessions: These will normally be on a Tuesday with Mrs Meek. Each house group will have their own session where children can speak about something which they have made, done or is connected to our topic. They will be able to answer questions posed by the other children.

Tuesday 5th November - Dales

Tuesday 12th November - Lakes

Tuesday 19th November - Moors

Tuesday 26th November - Rivers






Upcoming Events

This is where to look to find out about trips, special events, reminders and requests.


Y2 Parent events across the year

Autumn - Friday November 29th 2:30pm 

Spring - Tuesday 11th February 2.30pm

Summer - Thursday 2nd July 9am



May - this is our window for our Y2 'special work' - Statutory Assessments. We will use every day of May up to half term as we lose the last week of May for half term.

In June there will be some 'special writing' to demonstrate all the skills we have learned in Year 2





Latest News

We are really looking forward to all the opportunities 2019/20 will have to offer in Year 2 and have lots of exciting topics and new learning to do.

Please 'give us a wave' at the end of day pick ups - it really helps to put names to faces. Thank you.






Homework expectations

Learning Logs  will be given out on Friday indicating skills to be practised. Learning logs need to be back in school the following Thursday. Some homework will be over longer periods to enable research for example. In Year 2 the children have a session to share homework with classmates and staff. Pupils get the opportunity to see each other’s learning and discuss findings. This enables the children to really engage with homework by sharing good ideas and information. The children really enjoy these sessions as it gives them a chance to take learning deeper. All homework is related to what’s going on in the current curriculum and supports their classroom learning. All homework is read by one of the Year 2 staff and initialled.


Spelling Logs with new words to practise can go home each night but need to be in school daily because we use them in English. We change spelling patterns each Monday and do a check up of the previous week's pattern (words to log and learn) and 'red words' (jumping red words).



Children need to read daily and discuss their reading - see questions for reading below. Reading books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please 'linger longer' on reading books to get the most out of them - sequencing events, predicting, inferring. Practising these skills on their reading books helps them to apply them to more challenging texts used in school. The children are also expected to reads lots outside school and be able to talk about a wide variety of texts, their preferences and different authors. The children need to build up stamina in reading as well as reading a variety of texts. Your support with reading is greatly appreciated and really enhances learning.

Curriculum this half term

Topic Autumn 2

Famous Scientists

We will be completing our science of materials by finding out what happens when we try to bend and twist them. As part of this we will be finding out about some different scientists who invented special materials for special purposes. 


Topic Autumn 1

Marvellous Materials

We have started year with a science topic investigating what things are made from and why.

We have investigated materials both in and out of the classroom as well as in and around our homes. We tested materials for making a bridge and discovered that some materials are brittle and are not very suitable for bridges.

In art we have also being doing some 'chemistry' by mixing paints to make new colours. We used primary colours to make secondary colours. We then went on to use our painting skills to paint like 'Quentin Blake'. We have been reading 'George's Marvellous Medicine' as our class novel and were inspired by Quentin Blake's style of water colours and ink to create our own illustrations for the story. 




Reading – consolidating all the sounds, red words and recap work on syllables, comprehension questions to retrieve information and infer meaning. In addition to this we will be practising fluency and learning poems and passages by heart.

Phonics - we will revisit Set 2 RWInc sounds and practise Set 3 sounds. In year 2 we practise spelling the sounds in words alongside reading them.

WritingSpelling - RWInc spelling weekly. We will be learning Year2 spelling patterns – particularly suffixes – as well as learning Year 2 red words. We will have the opportunity to revisit some Year 1 spellings and phonics as preliminary work. Please see the list of non negotiable spellings for KS1 below. We begin the year with  RWInc book 2A and the children will bring home a spelling log book daily to use for practice daily.

Grammar – we will  work on simple sentences initially then progress onto using conjunctions. We will explore sentence types with punctuation - commands, questions, statements and exclamations. The children need to practice varying their sentence types in their writing. Genres – story writing (linked to RE and class novels), character descriptions, recount, instructions, retelling with a twist/ different point of view, poetry.

Handwriting – neat, legible, joined up style.



Number - Place value

Number - addition and subtraction

Number - multiplication and division

Measurement - money


Please see the maths 'Written Calculation Policy' below that you can use to support your child's  homework.


Autumn - Uses of everyday materials

  • identify and compare the suitability of everyday materials
  • Find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching


  • observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants - we will be planting bulbs this term in the class tubs. Look out for the homework with details of what to do.





Autumn 2

UK -  4 countries of the UK and the capital cities. Map and atlas skills.



Information Technology

  • Digital Literacy – using electronic data & the internet



  • Computer science – algorithms – Purple Mash coding

We will be using 'Purple Mash' regularly for work.

Please also continue to support children with typing skills. Purple Mash has great games and challenges to develop typing skills. 




Creation - Who made the world?

Incarnation - Why does Christmas matter to Christians?




Tuesday - Dance indoors with a dance coach.

Fridays -multiskills - outdoors weather permitting

Art and Design

Colour mixing - paint

Artist inspiration - Quentin Blake

Clay - clay pots

Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake.

Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake. 1
Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake. 2
Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake. 3
Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake. 4
Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake. 5
Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake. 6
Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake. 7
Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake. 8
Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake. 9
Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake. 10
Mixing colours and being inspired by Quentin Blake. 11

Design Technology

  • mechanisms – moving part
  • materials - mouldable clay



  • Lives of significant individuals e.g. Charles Mackintosh, Dunlop, McAdam (science links)




Physical Health & Wellbeing: What keeps me healthy?

Mental Health & emotional wellbeing - Friendship

British Values

Tolerance, Democracy and Mutual Respect.

Respect Code

Personal Development Goals

KS1 Non Negotiable Spellings

Expectations for year 2 in reading, writing and maths.

Other useful links.