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We will initially continue with our Trade topic from last half-term before moving on to look at our new topic of North America. As part of this topic, we will:


  • Locate the countries of North America and their capital cities on a world map and atlas.
  • Describe the climate and landscape of the USA;
  • List some issues facing people living in the USA
  • Identify the major Rivers of the USA and the role they have played in the development of settlements and trade.
  • Identify the Biomes and vegetation belts of the USA.
  • Compare New York with rural America and Collingham/Leeds.
  • Identify trade links between the UK and USA.
  • Identify major imports and exports of the USA.
  • Map land use in the USA.
  • Identify types of settlements within the USA.
  • Look at Mt. St. Etna and its recent Volcanic activity.
  • Research seismic activity in California.
  • Study the impact of drought in the USA.
  • Identify the major National Parks of the USA and compare them to UK National Parks.
  • Compare tourism in the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas with the Lake District.
  • Consider the migration crisis on the USA’s borders. What are its causes and impact?
  • Describe the distribution of natural resources within the USA.
  • Explain how the lives of people living in rural USA would be different to Rural England (Collingham)
  • Plan a journey to the USA taking into consideration modes of transport, travel times and time zones. (highlight air miles and pollution)