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Our first topic of the year will be Anglo Saxons. We'll kick off our learning with a themed day on Monday 12th September and, over the course of the half-term, will attempt to answer the following key questions:


Why did the Saxons invade?

Where did the early Anglo-Saxons live and how do we know? 

What can clues found in an Anglo-Saxon grave tell us?

How did people's lives change when Christianity came to Britain?

How did the Vikings try to take over the country and how close did they get?

What happened in 878 and how did things change?

How great was Alfred the Great?

How effective was Anglo-Saxon Justice?

Were Saxon times really 'Dark' Ages?



Obviously, the history of the Anglo-Saxons is closely intertwined with that of the Vikings, which we will be studying later this term. Some crossover of learning will occur to help put things into context and help children understand the symbiosis between these two eras.