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This half term our focus will be around history and we will be learning about Baghdad. 


Why was Baghdad a significant settlement in Early Islamic Civilisation?


The children will learn about for following:


When was the Islamic civilisation founded and how did it spread so far, so quickly?

What can we learn about Early Islamic civilisation from the way they set up their capital at Baghdad?

What was the Islamic golden age and why was Baghdad so significant?

Which of the early Islamic achievements has most effect on our lives today?

How did life in the Golden Age of Baghdad compare to life in the Dark Age of Anglo-Saxon and Viking England?


Our key vocab:

Civilisation, settlement, Islam, Muslim, religion, caliph, caliphate, golden age, trade, scholar, significant, period of history, concurrent


The key skills we will be using are:


To compare and contrast the lives of people living in the same period- Anglo Saxons & Vikings with Islamic Civ. & between men and women in early Islamic civilisation (Range and depth of historical knowledge)

To explain the main ideas and beliefs of the period in terms of why people might have had those ideas (range and depth of knowledge)

To detect patterns in images of everyday life e.g the role of women (enquiry)

Start to express explanation in term of relative importance backed up by reasoned argument (e.g. the main reason was... Also important... Some people think) (cause and consequence)