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Welcome to Reception!


Please read the sections of the website below for details about what we are learning about in the different areas of the curriculum this half term. We hope you enjoy reading our class page, where topic, literacy and mathematics information will be updated ready for the start of each half-term and the Reception blog will be updated fortnightly on a Friday. As always, there will be lots of photographs uploaded after all the exciting activities and events we get up to!



The Reception team for this year will be:


Mrs Swift (Early Years Leader and SLT) - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Mrs Letheren- Alternate Wednesday afternoons, Thursday and Friday

Mrs Wilson (Teaching assistant) - Monday and Tuesday all day, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings

Mrs Naylor (Teaching assistant) - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons

Mrs Bolton (Teaching assistant) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings

Mrs Meek (HLTA) - Monday afternoon when Mrs Swift is having her leadership time and planning exciting things for the whole school! 


Mrs Swift is the Early Years Leader and will be teaching on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning and every other Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Letheren teaches every other Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Wilson is the teaching assistant every morning and Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Mrs Naylor is the teaching assistant on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons. Mrs Bolton is the teaching assistant in our class every morning, her focus will be on developing language and communication with the children in the different areas of learning, doing focused learning with the children and small group interventions. On Monday afternoons Mrs Swift is out of class doing lots of exciting leadership jobs for Reception and the whole school and so Mrs Meek will be teaching every Monday afternoon and will be doing music and gardening with the children. This may seem a complicated schedule at first with lots of new names, but the children soon know who is teaching them and on which days. Sometimes there may be reasons that Mrs Swift and Mrs Letheren need to be out of class for some extra time due to training or carrying out different roles across school, so we may change days occasionally or there may be another member of staff teaching the children. If this is the case, we will always talk to the children about it so they know who will be teaching them.


Welcome to Summer 2smiley

We hope you had a lovely half term and have had a big rest! We cannot believe that we have reached the final summer term of your first year in school. You are all amazing and we cannot believe how much learning you have done over the year. 


This term we will continue with our 'Welcome to.... farm' topic. For more details of our topic learning, please see the topic section of the website!


This term our role play area inside has changed from a vet to a farm shop! We are excited for you to see!


This term we will continue with RWI, we will really be focusing on getting the Set 2 sounds embedded and secure ready for Year One. We will also be doing the same with our tricky words. During our RWI lessons we will all be reading the longer Green or Purple RWI books- children will be reading short stories and writing sentences. Children will also be having a go at editing a sentence, this is where they have to spot mistakes such as words spelt wrong or capital letters and full stops missing!

The focus this half term is on increasing children's fluency with their reading so please encourage 'Fred in your head' at home as much as possible!


This half term we will continue our 'Big Writing'- we will really be encouraging independent writing and the children thinking of their own things to write. We will start to write longer pieces of writing such as recounts or re telling familiar stories. We will use story books to help inspire our writing. The important thing is that the children have a go at listening for the sounds themselves- it doesn't matter if the word is not spelt exactly right as long as it sounds right to them. The more the children practise doing this independently the more confident they will become. 


We will also be visiting the library again this half term- please see the Literacy section for when books need to be returned.


Please see the Mathematics section for an overview of what we will be learning this half term.


Our PE day for this half term will be Friday - so please come in PE kit on this day.



The team in Reception believe that the classroom is the third teacher and so we spend lots of time setting out the areas of provision and we can't wait for you to start exploring them! We believe that the there should be the same types of provision both indoors and outdoors so that your child can learn in the environment that suits them best. Our provision promotes choice, independence and cooperation it is organised in a way that enables children to develop key communication, language, literacy and mathematical skills at every opportunity, whether this be independently or with scaffolding from an adult.

We believe that learning in Early Years is a partnership between home and school. We really value your input into your children's learning and see parents as partners in this. You know your children the best and you will be able to tell us lots about their learning and development outside of school, which really helps us to build up a full and rounded picture of the children. With this in mind, our classroom door is always open. Any queries that you may have are hugely valued, so please do not hesitate to contact any member of the school team and we will be happy to arrange a meeting. We use tapestry all the time to update you with your child's learning and you can also update us with any exciting things you have been doing or key milestones in your child's development that you would like us to be aware of. We also use Tapestry to send out reminders and information, so it is useful to download the app on your phone or check the website regularly.



Please see the different sections of the web page below for more details of our learning this half term

Upcoming events


Tuesday 6th June - First day back from half term

Wednesday 7th June - Sports Day

Monday 19th - Friday 23rd June - Assessment Week

Monday 26th June - Walk to School Week

Wednesday 28th June - Parent event- details to follow in a letter

Monday 10th July - Transition Week

Friday 14th July - Reports sent home

Friday 21st July - Last day of Reception!



Reception blog


This section will be updated fornightly on a Friday so please keep checking back for updates



Rhyme of the Week

Our Rhyme of the Week will be added every Friday for you to enjoy with your child :o)


Homework may be set on a Monday and the children will have two weeks to complete it. However, we are aware that just being at school is a lot for Reception children and they are very tired after school and on a weekend, so we will only send homework where it is relevant to what we have been learning or is something that the children have shown interest in. Homework will either be maths based or more of a topic based learning project that you can do together as a family. Therefore homework might not be set every two weeks, so if nothing has been added to the website, please don't worry!


You do not need to return any homework to school. If you would like to, you can take pictures or make observations of what you have been doing and upload them to Tapestry.


Please make sure you read to and with your children every night.

Show and Tell



Show and Tell will be on a Monday. This is an opportunity for children to talk to, and/or show the whole class about something important to them. This may be something they did or created at the weekend or out of school, or it could be something from home that is special to them. Show and Tell helps us to get to know the children and their achievements and interests outside of school - it is also a fantastic opportunity to practise their speaking, listening and questioning skills. Show and Tell will take place in children's house groups.


Monday 12th June- Lakes

Monday 19th June- Moors

Monday 26th June- Dales

Monday 3rd July- Rivers




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