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Exploring Mental Health


Lesson 1: Everyday feelings

This first lesson builds on learning from KS1 focusing on feelings and emotions, how these change over time and what helps people to feel good.

Pupils will learn:
• about the different feelings and emotions people experience; how feelings and emotions change and what helps people to feel good


Lesson 2: Expressing feelings

This lesson focuses on learning to describe and express feelings and the importance of doing so.

Pupils will learn:
• about ways of expressing feelings and emotions and why this is important


Lesson 3: Managing feelings

Building on the previous two lessons, this lesson teaches pupils about ways of managing when feelings (especially strong feelings) influence our actions and behaviour, sometimes negatively. Children will consider who is best to help them with their feelings and learn how to seek appropriate help and advice.

Pupils will learn:
• about managing feelings and emotions in different situations
• about getting help, advice and support with feelings and emotions