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Autumn Term 1

Friday 16th September

DUE TO THE CHILDREN GOING TO ROBINWOOD, THERE IS NO HOMEWORK THIS WEEK.  However, if they want a head start when they get back, they can have a go at Week 2.


English:  Autumn Term Week 2 - Due in Friday 30th September

Maths:    Autumn Term Week 2 - Due in Friday 30th September


Due in Friday 30th September.   Remember that a grown-up will mark these with you at home; answer - which are for your grown-ups only - are in the back 😁 PLEASE ensure that you have your books in school on this day as we will be going through any tricky questions and collecting your marks.


Timetables - 2x, 5x and 10x WEEK B - test on Wednesday 28th September.  You will be tested on your division facts too.  These timetables are less challenging than some of the others, which is why we are testing you on all three 😀.  Please note, Mrs Questa's maths group will continue with week A.