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At school, we’re using an engaging mathematical program called Sumdog. It uses games to encourage students, and automatically adapts to your child’s needs.


To help with our mathematics learning, we’d like you to encourage your child to play a little Sumdog each week. As they play, Sumdog asks questions that are tailored to their individual learning.


You can use the Sumdog website on your computer, or download the iPad or Android app.


We recommend that pupils use Sumdog regularly at home and we also provide before school and afterschool Sumdog clubs.


Research has shown that pupils who use Sumdog for 1 hour a week, can make up to three times more progress. Pupil’s progress is carefully tracked and teachers are able to set challenges that develop understanding of concepts being taught and provide practise activities that enable pupils to achieve targets. It is also an excellent assessment tool for pupils and parents as they can see the progress being made and the skills that are being achieved.



Join in and encourage your child


Parents can also have a free Sumdog login. Just visit and click the Parents
link at the bottom right. This lets you keep in touch with your child’s effort, so you can give encouragement.