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Year 4

We are committed to safeguarding; if you have any concerns about the well being of a child in school please contact a member of staff.

Welcome to Year 4


Welcome back Year 4!


Well done for being amazing over the past few months – we have been very proud of you and all your learning from home and cannot wait to see you all again.


We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all back into school on Monday 8th March. Just before 8.50am, please wait sensibly at the gate nearest the school bungalow. When a member of staff lets you through the gate remember to walk sensible down the steps and around to our classroom where we will wash our hands and enter our classroom ready for learning. Collection will be from the front playground at 2.50pm as usual.


Depending on the weather, you might want to wear extra layers as the windows will be open for extra ventilation!


Stay safe and see you next week!

The Year 4 team

A very warm welcome to Year 4.  We hope you enjoy reading our class page, especially finding out about all the wonderful things we have and will be doing throughout the year; latest news will be updated fortnightly on a Thursday. Photographs will be updated after an event.


During the Spring Term, it will be important to both consolidate and build upon learning from the previous term and year and continue to aid the children in continuing to become confident, happy and well-rounded people.


Any concerns or queries that you may have are hugely valued so please feel free to approach me after school. Additionally, I am available for more formal meetings by appointment which can be arranged by emailing the school office or by catching me outside.


Topic information will be updated ready for the start of each half term. Latest news will be updated fortnightly on a Thursday. Photographs will be updated after an event.


Your teaching team will be Mr Elliot, Mrs Wood and Mrs Questa. Mrs Wood will be our teaching assistant and she will be with us Monday – Friday mornings. Mrs Questa will teach Year 4 on a Wednesday and Friday afternoon. PE will be on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please continue to scroll down for further information regarding our PE coverage.


So that you can take your learning as far as possible, this page will be updated regularly with all the learning and events that will be taking place. Each half term our learning objectives will be put up so that you know what we will be doing and fortnightly we will be updating you on all the latest news from class and any upcoming events that you need to be aware of.


We are really looking forward to our time in year 4 this year, and hope that you are too!

Mr Elliot, Mrs Wood and Mrs Questa 

The Year 4 Team

Upcoming Events 

Monday 8th March - School reopens to all children

Friday 19th March - Comic Relief/ Red Nose Day


Open Afternoons: Unfortunately, all of our popular parent events are on hold for the foreseeable future. We will continue to review this in relation to government guidance throughout the school year. We hope to be able to welcome you in to school as soon as we possibly can as parental engagement is incredibly important to us as Collingham.

Latest News

20th November 2020 - Year 4 have had a very interesting morning learning all about the digestive system.

We replicated the journey your food takes inside your digestive tract from mouth to bottom using a banana and chocolate spread sandwich and a pair of tights. First, we cut, tore and mashed the sandwich, just as our teeth would in our mouth. Next, we added water (saliva), green washing up liquid for bile and enzymes, orange juice for acids in your stomach. To make the food move along we used our hands to show peristalsis. Then we put the mixture into one leg of a pair of tights (small intestine). We squeezed the liquid out. We know that in the small intestine, vitamins and minerals are absorbed to keep us healthy and energised. After that, we put the mixture into a paper cup (large intestine). We pushed what was left through a small hole in the paper cup. We know that our body excretes any waste products that we don't need. 


We had fun learning about the digestive system (and making a mess!). Pictures of the experiment are towards the bottom of this page. 


11th November 2020 - Remembrance Blackout Poetry

For Armistice Day, we looked at some remembrance poems. The class then picked out certain words that could create a poem within a poem. They drew over the poem with an image to represent the poem. We think they are really effective.

11th September 2020 - WOW! What a fantastic first week back. The children have returned this week with huge smiles and a fantastic knowledge of social distancing!  It's starting to feel like a classroom again. We've introduced new routines to get used to and the children have been brilliant at adapting to them. Over the coming months, our values will be more important than ever. The focus this half term is to introduce the children to the new RESPECT code and the 'Collingham Learner' whilst revisiting our schools' vision statement. We want our pupils to know they are each an important part of our school community and for them to help make everyone feel welcome.


Finally, a great big thank you to our pupils and parents for all their support this week. It is great to be back in school again.


1st September 2020 - Drop off and collection arrangements


24th August 2020 -  We are currently busy preparing for the new school year ahead.  Please check out the pictures below - it will show you what the classroom will look like in September.  We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back and are busy planning an exciting first week for you.



Formal assessments of children’s learning across the Curriculum will take place once every term. However, continual assessments of children’s learning will take place every day, from questioning, observing and marking children’s work.


School Council

Throughout the school, two children from each class are selected to represent their year group on the school council. Children who wish to participate prepare a speech or presentation of no longer than five minutes, explaining why they would make a good school council member. During the presentation, they will put forward practical ideas for how we could improve school life. Their peers will then vote for who they think will make the best councillor.



To support the return to school of all our pupils we have updated our Schemes of Learning for 2020/21. We have looked at the Year 3 and 4 curriculum objectives to ensure that children will have a secure understanding and also cover any content that children may have missed last year.



Reading at home is very important. Please encourage your child to read aloud each evening and discuss what they have read. You can support your child by asking them questions about what they have read, help them to make predictions and explore what a character is thinking and feeling. 


We will continue to use whole class guided reading, looking at a text together and studying various different comprehension skills. We will be focusing in the following texts throughout the Spring Term:





Times tables

As some you may be aware, the National curriculum requires that by the end of year 4 children should know their times tables up to 12 x 12. So this is the term to really push this at home and help children to master their multiplication and division facts. Learning by rote is one option (the old fashioned way!) and we use Numberlink boards at school (more information on the school website under the ‘About us’ and then ‘Curriculum’ tab). There are lots of great interactive games/ apps available on the net too. This is a good place to start:  


This term, our weekly times tables test will look a little different. Each child will start at the finalist level and will have three minutes to complete the questions. If the children answer all the questions correctly they will progress to the next level the following week. Each level has a different times table focus. The tables and the amount of questions the children have to answer in three minutes gets more challenging as they progress through the levels. The levels and the multiplications they cover are as follws:  


Finalist Level - We know our 2, 5 and 10 times table and can recall a selection of multiplication and division questions in three minutes

Bronze Level - We know our 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times table and can recall a selection of multiplication and division questions in three minutes

Silver Level - We know our 3, 4, 6 and 11 times table and can recall a selection of multiplication and division questions in three minutes

Gold Level - We know our 7, 8, 9 and 12 times table and can recall a selection of multiplication and division questions in three minutes

European Level - We know our tables up to the 12 times table and can recall a selection of multiplication and division questions in three minutes.

Olympic Level - We know our tables up to the 12 times table and can recall 100 multiplication and division questions in three minutes.


Lost uniform and equipment

Please ensure all clothes, lunch boxes, bottles etc are labelled. There is a box of lost property in the Year 4 classroom which is never empty and a cloakroom which is always scattered with lost items. Please encourage children to take responsibility for looking after their belongings and to check that lunch boxes ,and bottles in particular are taken home daily.