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Week 1: Practice for phonics screen

Week 2: Practice for phonics screen 

Week 3: Assessment Week

Week 4: Tricky Words

Week 5: Tricky Words

Week 6: Recap/revise all sounds and begin to look at spelling patterns

Week 7: Recap/revise all sounds and begin to look at spelling patterns


The sounds that are not in RWI which we have covered are:

ey (wonky donkey)

oe (doe on its toes)

ue (blue statue)

ie (pie in the sky)

e-e (Steve centipede)

au (haunted hall)

ea (bread for breakfast)

wh (white whale)

ph (dolphin on the phone)


Children will have a phonics lesson every day with a focus on a sound for 2 of the days. Children will have a carpet input on the sound as well as recapping any other sounds they have already done in Year 1. We will look at some words with the sound in and look at how we spell the sound. We will then move to our tables and practise writing some words with that sound in as well some tricky words that we have picked for the day. 2 out of the 4 groups will then work with an adult centred around a RWI reading book. Over the course of a week children will read and answer questions about the book, practise remembering and writing 2 sentences, edit a sentence to find the mistakes and answer some composition questions. The other 2 groups will be completing independent tasks. The groups will then swap over the next day and this pattern will continue throughout the half term. 


Children will read the same RWI book 3 times and complete different activities each time.