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A message from all the staff....

A message from all the staff.... 1



Dear Year One Parents,

The Year One children have had another brilliant week of learning :).

In maths we have been learning all about money. The children have practised recognising and making money amounts and solving money problems. We have also practised counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and number bonds to 20.

Here are some helpful money web links the children have enjoyed using in class:

In Phonics we have practised 'are, ear and ire' sounds as well as recapped red words: love, friend, school, house, push, pull, full and put. We have revised adding er, ed and ing endings to verbs and the children wrote fantastic facts about Mary Anning in our Big Write today! :)

In science we learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and in topic we have been learning all about the life of Mary Anning. See the useful web links below:

In art the children made amazing fossils from salt dough (see photos below).

In PSHCE the children wrote lovely mini books with top tips to feel happy and they loved doing the happy dance!

We have also read lots of fab stories including 'Stone girl, bone girl' about the life of Mary Anning. 

Mrs Questa and I continue to be super impressed by the children's fantastic enthusiasm for learning and their superstar hardworking attitudes! :) 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Miss C and Mrs Questa :) x

Year One's fossils :)

Year One's fossils :) 1
Year One's fossils :) 2
Year One's fossils :) 3
Year One's fossils :) 4
Year One's fossils :) 5
Year One's fossils :) 6
Year One's fossils :) 7
Year One's fossils :) 8
Year One's fossils :) 9


Dear Year One Parents,

The Y1 children have had another fantastic week of learning! :)

In maths we have been learning all about capacity including conducting a cups investigation. We have also practised reading and writing different numbers and recapped 1 more/1 less and <  >  =.  

In Phonics we have practised oa, ew and ai sounds as well as recapped red words: here, where, what, were, come, some, one and once. We have revised singular and plural nouns and the children wrote wonderful dinosaur kenning poems today! :)

In science we have been continuing our learning about the different animal groups and also looked at what features different animals have that were similar or different. The children were great at playing the odd one out game when looking at photos of animals.

In art the children made amazing dinosaur skeletons from pasta (see photos below) and in PSHCE we continued our learning about feelings.

We have also read lots of lovely stories and sang the dinosaur movement song :).

Mrs Questa and I continue to feel super proud of all the children's hard work and superstar positive attitudes. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Miss C and Mrs Questa :) x

Dino pasta skeletons and dino kenning poems

Dear Year One Parents,

Mrs Questa and I are so proud of how well the Year One children have settled back into their learning and school life over the past two weeks. It has been wonderful to see their smiling faces and for us to be reunited in the classroom again :). Their enthusiasm for our new 'Dinosaurs' topic is fantastic and Mrs Questa and I are super impressed with how sensibly the children have been following the new rules and routines. The children have worked hard and had lots of fun learning about the following:



W1 - Estimating, measuring and recording length

W2 - Estimating, measuring and recording weight

The children have had lots of fun using cubes, rulers and the balancing scales! 


As well as recapping counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s, number bonds to 20, 1 more/1 less and writing numbers to 20 in words. 



W1 - Recapping phonics sounds: ea, oi, aw        Red words: today, are, ask, said, says, were, was, when

Grammar: Using question marks                          Big Write: Sequencing a story - Tyrannosaurus Drip

W2 - Recapping phonic sounds: ur   er   ow        Red words: his, her, has, have, they, then, them, there

Grammar: Using exclamation marks                    Big Write: Writing 'All about T-Rex!' 


As well as Guided Reading and reading lots of Dinosaur stories!


Topic/ Science

W1 - Identifying and labelling parts on the human body and identifying and labelling parts on a dinosaur body

W2 - Identifying and naming common animals and understanding the 5 senses and what body parts they link to

The children loved tasting different foods in our senses investigation on Tuesday! :)



W1 - Dinosaur silhouette art

W2 - Making dinosaurs from paper plates

(I have uploaded photos of our lovely art work below).



W1 - Identifying different feelings

W2 - Managing feelings (what can we do if we feel worried)



W1 - Athletics: Long jump, discus and shot put distance throwing

W2 - Basic skills: Target throwing and dancing



W1 - Singing: Dinosaurs lived long ago

W2- Singing: I'm a giant T-Rex


I would like to say again how proud Mrs Questa and I are of how brilliantly the Year One children have come back to school :D.

Also a huge thank you to the Year One Parents for your ongoing support in enabling such a successful reopening of school.


We will not be sending home reading books or learning logs however any recapping you can do at home of phonics sounds, red words and maths objectives we have covered in class would be great. Also please continue to read e-books on:

Any research,reading or art work the children would like to about Dinosaurs at home would also be lovely and beneficial to our new topic however please do not feel that this is compulsory. 


Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Thank you again,


Miss C and Mrs Questa :) x






Year One Dinosaur art

Year One Dinosaur art  1
Year One Dinosaur art  2
Year One Dinosaur art  3
Year One Dinosaur art  4

Making moving pictures!

Free fairies from the ice investigation!

World Book Day!




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