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Consultation on the changes to the Admissions policy 2021 - 2022

The Governing Body have made some changes to our Admissions policy for entry into our school during the September 2021 to July 2022 academic year.

There are no changes to the order of priority for allocation of places or to our catchment area (the area traditionally served by the school)

The changes in the main are the addition of paragraphs and notes which provide explanation and greater clarity to the policy.

Consultation dates 25 November 2019 – 13 January 2020

We welcome your views and encourage you to respond before13 January 2020 by emailing us at

We should be pleased if you would forward this information to anyone else you think may be interested especially parents of pre-school children.

Collingham LEH Primary school is a one form entry primary school.  The admissions limit is 210 and the school is arranged into 7 classes, each with an admissions limit of 30 children. 

Pupils transferring from another school

For pupils wishing to apply for a place at Collingham from another school, please click on the 'transferring between schools' link below and follow the information from Leeds Local Authority.  


If you would like to apply for a place at our school, please complete the 'in-year common preference'  application form that can also be found below and return to the school office or contact the Headteacher or School Business Manager for further information.