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Spring Term

Binary Codes


Your challenge is to create a code in binary and email it to me. The code must be a minimum of 3 words long. Please leave a reasonable space between each word in your code so that I can decipher it more easily. 


e.g, if you wanted to send the code "YEAR FIVE IS AMAZING," you would send:

01011001 01000101 01000001 01010010

01000110 01001001 01010110 01000101

01001001 01010011

01000001 01001101 01000001 01011010 01001001 01001110 01000111 


The binary to ASCII conversion table is attached below. Don't worry about lower case, you can just write your code in capital letters. 

You must use your school email address to send the email. You can log in at using your usual Google login details. Emails sent using the school email addresses are monitored by school. 



Homework books should be returned on the following dates:


Spring Term Workout 106/01/23
Spring Term Workout 213/01/23
Spring Term Workout 320/01/23
Spring Term Workout 427/01/23
Spring Term Workout 503/02/23
Spring Term Workout 610/02/23
Spring Term Workout 724/02/23
Spring Term Workout 803/03/23
Spring Term Workout 910/03/23
Spring Term Workout 1017/03/23
Spring Term Workout 1124/03/23
Spring Term Workout 1231/03/23



Weekly Spellings

Weekly spellings will be issued to children on Friday afternoons. In addition, they will be attached on this page for reference or in case an additional copy is required. 



Please be aware that in addition to the words given, prefixes or suffixes may be added to the words in the test (e.g, spelling word given is 'understood', word tested is 'misunderstood'). 


Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS)


The children should now all have their login details for TTRS. This, as with all methods for learning times tables, works best with a "little and often" approach. Children should aim to spend about 5 minutes per day using TTRS. Using it for a short period of time each day will be significantly more effective than one longer session per week.