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Autumn 1


We are so excited to start a new year 6 history topic!  We will be learning about some key people from this village and their impact on WW2.


As historians, we will be using the following skills:

  • Recognise primary and secondary sources (enquiry).
  • Bring knowledge gathered from several sources together in a fluent account (organisation and communication).
  • Devise historically valid questions about change, cause, similarity and difference (enquiry).
  • To know that no single source of evidence gives the full answer to questions about the past (interpreting sources).
  • Use relevant dates and terms (chronology).
  • To select and organise information to produce structured work, making appropriate use of dates and terms (organisation and communication).


Key Knowledge

  • To know some of the main reasons why Britain went to war in 1939 and some of the countries and individuals involved.
  • To know that the British government introduced the National Service Act (conscription) to increase the number of men in active service.
  • To use records, memorials and documents to find out about people from the locality who fought in WW2.
  • To know about other roles taken on by people in the local area during WW2 ( ARP, reserve police etc).
  • To know how women from the locality contributed to the war effort.
  • To know that children were evacuated from cities during the war.
  • To know that evacuees were on roll at our school and taught in the memorial hall.