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Our unit for this half term is 'me and others'. 


Children will learn about what makes themselves and others special. Pupils will recognise some of the things that make them special, will describe ways they are similar and different to others and understand that everyone has something about them that makes them special.


Year 1 will also learn about their roles and responsibilities at home and school. Pupils will identify the different roles of people at home and school, will solve simple dilemmas about taking responsibility and will explain why it is important to take responsibility at school and at home (including looking after the local environment).


The class will learn about being co-operative with others. Pupils will recognise different types of helpful and unhelpful behaviour in the playground and in the classroom, will learn how to challenge unhelpful behaviour in a positive way and understand how their behaviour can affect others.


If you have any questions or concerns around this subject please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Year 1 team.