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Homework and Spellings

Homework will be set on Thursday for completion the following Thursday.

Mrs Hughes' English group spellings are in the pupil spelling logs from Tuesday (and are included for information in the weekly homework on a Thursday) and will be tested on a Monday morning.

No physical or email homework needs to be returned.

Reading books are issued on a Wednesday to be returned the following Tuesday. The 'Boom' system is the same as it was in Year 1. Books will only be changed if they are returned on a Tuesday and marked as complete on 'Boom' (by 8.50am Tue morning). If books aren't returned we assume you want to keep them longer which is fine. If books aren't marked as complete we assume they have not been completed and will be returned to you for completion.

Maths - Numbots (Autumn onwards) and TTRS (Spring onwards) are fun ways to practise skills.


Knowledge Organisers - There are Maths and Science 'Knowledge Organisers' in the 'Homework Pack - Useful Stuff' which give you the core learning covered in each topic.

Handwriting and Phonics -  guides / lists / examples are in the 'Homework Pack - Useful Stuff'

The Year 2 Team


Autumn 2023

Mrs Hughes' Spellings 19/9/23

Red Words: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (we will officially start learning these words next week)

Unit words:we will choose these next week when we start the unit and they will be posted on Mon / Tue. (18/19/9/23)

We will start Book 2A unit 1 next week (18/9/23). Both sets of words will be tested on Monday 25th Sept. Please don't panic or worry - it's a learning curve and all very new for our lovely Year 2s. We practise the words at school and study the patterns weekly but daily practice at home is essential to help make them 'stick'. Thank you :)

2A Unit 1: call, hall, also, almost, walk, talk

Science - Bulbs

Please could the children bring in 2 or 3 bulbs to plant in our class tubs. As part of our science we need to observe bulbs growing. We will be planting them just before and just after half term. Please bring them in by Wed 11th October.



D. T. - vehicle making.

We are looking forward to our parent afternoon where we will be making vehicles for D.T. with you. Please could the children bring in a small box to make their vehicle out of. Tea boxes are ideal (shoe boxes are a bit big). Please could the children bring the boxes by the week beginning 2/10/23.

Thanks again!

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 25/9/23

Check up Mon 2/10/23

Red Words - Mrs, Mr, saw, her, does, because

2A Unit 2 - Soft 'c' - scissors, city, concert, science, cycle, mice

Harvest song - see homework sheet for music link.

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 2/10/23

Check up Mon 9/10/23

Red Words: after, again, kind, find, mind, behind

2A Unit 3 - adding the suffix 'y': foggy, snappy, yummy, boggy, funny, sunny

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 9/10/23

Check up: 16/10/23

Red Words: could, would, should, both, busy. buy

2A Unit 4 adding the suffix y (2): cheesy, wavy, wheezy, greasy, breezy, shiny


Mrs Hughes's Spellings 16/10/23

Check up: 23/10/23

Red Words: old, cold, told, gold, hold, people

2A Unit 5 adding the suffix ly to turn adjectives into adverbs: happily, snugly, stupidly, kindly, coolly, bravely

23/10/23 Mrs Hughes's spellings

No spellings this week.



No homework for the holiday.

Please could the children bring in 2 or 3 spring flowering bulbs after the holiday? 

Thank you.

Have a lovely half term,

The Year 2 Team

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 6/11/23

Check up: 13/11/23

Red Words: brother, mother, father, parents, children, son

2A Unit 6 the n sound spelt kn and gn: knuckle, knight, know, kneel, gnome, gnash

Please bring bulbs to plant w/b 20/11/23.

Thank you


Mrs Hughes's Spellings 13/11/23

Check up: 20/11/23

Red Words: Christmas, child, caught, past, fast, last

2A Unit 7 the igh sound spelt  y: satisfy, fly, petrify, horrify, multiply, cry

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 21/11/23

Check up: 4/12/23 - It's 2 weeks because we are working around the rehearsal timetable

Red Words: any, anyone, many, every, everybody, worse

2A Unit 8 adding the suffix ing (1): humming, flapping, clapping, gripping, dropping, beginning

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 4/12/23

Check up: 18/12/23 - It's 2 weeks because we are working around the rehearsal timetable

Red Words: thought, bought, though, path, bath. beautiful

2A Unit 9 adding the suffix ing (2): sliding, phoning, battling, writing, shuffling, making

Spring 2024

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 18/12/23

Check up: 15/1/24

Red Words: water, clothes, small, tall, call, all

2A Unit 10 the 'j' sound spelt j, g, ge, dge: jog, dodge, gem, energy, badge, large

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 15/1/24

Check up: 22/1/24

Red Words: poor, floor, door, money, climb, down

2A Unit 11 the 'o' sound spelt a after w and qu: was, what, squash, wand, wallet, squat

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 22/1/24

Check up: 29/1/24

Red Words: love, above,how, now, only, other

2A Unit 12 adding the suffix ed (1)( double the last consonant after a short vowel): hummed, clapped, chopped, buzzed, painted, tapped

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 29/1/24

Check up:5/2/24

Red Words: full, even, eye, move, prove, improve

2A Unit 13 adding the suffix ed (2)( swap the y for an i before adding ed): multiplied, denied, carried, fried, married, copied

Mental Health Week Tips for Families

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 5/2/24

Check up:19/2/24

Red Words: walk, talk, steak, great, break, pretty

2A Unit 14 adding the suffix ed (3)( drop the e before adding ed): smiled, frazzled, striped, tackled, liked, cycled

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 19/2/24

Check up:26/2/24

Red Words: most, plant, want, grass, pass, class

2B Unit 1 The r sound spelt wr: wrote, write, wrist, wrap, wrong, wrestle

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 26/2/24

Check up:4/3/24

Red Words: sure, over, wild, what, why, who

2B Unit 2 the suffix er & est added to adjectives to compare: wisest, rudest, fastest, cuter, slowest, braver

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 4/3/24

Check up:11/3/24

Red Words: wear, two, sugar, our, half, whole

2B Unit 3 the suffix er & est added to adjectives to compare(2): luckiest, spikiest, silliest, jollier, floppier, happier

Spellings 11/03/24

Mrs Hughes' Unit Words: saddest, hottest, maddest, hotter, wetter, bigger

Red Words: would, should, could, everybody, hour, watch

Spelling Check: Monday 18th March 2024

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 18/3/24

Check up:25/3/24

Red Words: above, only, down, how, love, other

2B Unit 5 the ee sound spelt ey: monkey, donkey, chimney, hockey, barley, jokey

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 25/3/24

Check up:15/4/24

Red Words: money, talk, because, eye, great, does

2B Unit 6 add the suffix ness (1) to make nouns:  foolishness, goodness, coldness, darkness, stillness, madness

Easter TTRS House Competition

Check out this week's homework for details on how to take part. Good Luck everybody!

Summer 2024

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 15/4/24

Check up:22/4/24

Red Words: didn't, can't, couldn't, doesn't, won't, you're

2B Unit 7 add the suffix ness (2) to make nouns:  dizziness, happiness, giddiness, fussiness, droopiness, jolliness

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 22/4/24

Check up:29/4/24

Red Words: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

2B Unit 8 words ending in le: jingle, rattle, battle, cuddle, little, tickle


Check out the link below for 'Galaxy Pugs'. It is on the BBC Bitesize page and has fun games all about KS1 science knowledge.

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 29/4/24

Check up:7/5/24

Red Words: steak, would, talk, because, saw, Mrs

2B Unit 9 words ending in el: squirrel, camel, angel, level, jewel, snorkel

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 7/5/24

Check up:12/5/24

Red Words: water, thought, any, many, every, through

2B Unit 10 words ending in al: hospital, tropical, crystal, medal, pedal, magical

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 13/5/24

Check up:20/5/24

Red Words: call, could, does, only, floor, climb

2B Unit 11 adding the suffix 'ful' to make adjectives: colourful, successful, painful, careful, peaceful, cheerful

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 20/5/24

Check up:3/6/24

Red Words: really, hour, parents, caught, busy, again

2B Unit 12 adding the suffix 'less' to make adjectives: toothless, faultless, fearless, sleepless, helpless, penniless 

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 3/6/24

Check up:10/6/24

Red Words: grass, money, clothes, great, anyone, eye

2B Unit 13 adding the suffix 'ment' to turn verbs into nouns: replacement, agreement, government, development, measurement, punishment 

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 10/6/24

Check up:17/6/24

Red Words: even, pretty, over, down, above, behind

2B Unit 14 words ending in 'tion': option, multiplication, expedition, affection, station, lotion


No homework this week. Keep reading, practising spellings and TTRS & Numbots.

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 17/6/24

Check up:24/6/24

Red Words: children, how, other, love, kind, door

2B Unit 15 adding the suffix 'es': multiplies, babies, ladies, hobbies, replies, families

Mrs Hughes's Spellings 24/6/24

Check up:1/7/24

We have finished all the spelling units now and will be practising 10 red words each week until the end of term

Red Words: two, all, bath, small, tall, half, bought, beautiful, worse, what.


We have covered all these words before so these next few check ups should not be too tricky.

Top tips - put words that look like a family together to make learning easier. Spot the tricky bits of the words and focus on learning those bits particularly. 


Mrs Hughes's Spellings 4/7/24

Check up:15/7/24 (two weeks time - final week of term)

We have finished all the spelling units now and will be practising 10 red words each week until the end of term

Red Words: everybody, sure, wild, people, poor, buy, mother, find, mind, both

No homework this week but do practise spellings for the final test. Reading books are not going to be changed now as we are collecting them for transfer. If you haven't brought your books back yet please bring them in so we can change them ready for Year 3. Thanks for your support.


No homework but there are maths and English activity booklets above if you want to practise skills. Keep reading and doing TTRS & Numbots ready for September.

The Year 2 Team