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Homework and Spellings

Homework will be set on Thursday for completion the following Thursday.

Mrs Hughes' English group spellings are in the pupil spelling logs from Tuesday (and are included for information in the weekly homework on a Thursday) and will be tested on a Monday morning.

No physical or email homework needs to be returned.

Reading books are issued on a Wednesday to be returned the following Tuesday. The 'Go Read' system is the same as it was in Year 1. Books will only be changed if they are returned on a Tuesday and marked as complete on 'Go Read' (by 8.50am Tue morning). If books aren't returned we assume you want to keep them longer which is fine. If books aren't marked as complete we assume they have not been completed and will be returned to you for completion.

Maths - there will be set tasks on 'Sumdog' from time to time as well as the usual choices. See 'Home learning Hub' page for link.

Do get in touch if you have further questions. 

Knowledge Organisers - There are Maths and Science 'Knowledge Organisers' in the 'Homework Pack - Useful Stuff' which give you the core learning covered in each topic. 

The Year 2 Team


Autumn 2022

Mrs Hughes' Spellings 15/9/22

Red Words: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Unit words: altogether, already, almost, wall, hall, chalk (19/9/22)

We have started to learn these words and the Unit words will be chosen and posted next week. Both sets will be tested on Monday 26th Sept. Please don't panic or worry - it's a learning curve and all very new for our lovely Year 2s. We practise the words at school and study the patterns weekly but daily practice at home is essential to help make them 'stick'. Thank you :)


Mrs Hughes' Spellings for 03/10/22

Red Words: goes, grass, class, pass, money, sugar

Unit words: excellent, pencil, science, decide, concert, certain

Spellings (for 10/10/22)

floppy, sloppy, muddy, nutty, dotty, spotty

Red Words- said, house, our, here, by, really

Spellings (for 17/10/22)

Unit words- crazy, wheezy, shiny, simply, cheesy, lazy

Red words- again, does, would, could, great, break




Spellings (for 31/10/22)


Unit words- softly, kindly, stupidly, coolly, weekly, weakly

Red words- anyone, how, walk, now, door, floor

Spellings (for 07/11/22)

Unit words: knuckle, knife, knock, knight, know, knot

Red words: clothes, eye, only, over, most, other

Spellings (for 14/11/22)

Unit Words- my, horrify, multiply, spy, fly, reply

Red Words- house, wild, caught, small, wear, your

Spellings 14/11/22 ( check up 21/11/22)

Unit 8 words: trotting, gripping, nodding, beginning, dropping, drumming

Red Words: children, son, mother, brother, father, parents

Spelling 22/11/22 (check up 28/11/22)

Unit 9 words: writing, riding, sliding, battling, making, shuffling

Red words: after, Christmas, people, child, Mr, Mrs



Keep practising Year 1 common exception words sent home before half term.


We are doing a special focus this week - 'Homophones'.

their / there, no / know, right / write, to / too, week / weak

There won't be a spelling test but we will do some 'hold a sentence' to show we know which spelling to use.

13/12/22 Mrs Hughes' group spellings

Red Words: past, last, fast, because, her, beautiful

Unit 10 the 'j sound spelt j, ge, dge, g: gem, charge, magic, jog, edge, gentle

The spelling test will be on Monday 9th January 2023.

15/12/22 No Homework for the holidays.

We will be doing 'Money' after Christmas in maths so becoming familiar with notes and coins is always helpful. Playing shop could be a useful holiday activity? We will also be doing 'Time' next term so practising telling the time ( to 5 minutes ) is also very helpful in developing skills needed in Year 2. Thanks.

Spring 2023

9/1/23 Mrs Hughes's group spellings.

Check up Mon 16th Jan

Unit 11 the o sound spelt a after w and qu: was, squash, wash, quarrel, what, watch

Red Words: both, gold, cold, told, old, hold

Mrs Hughes' Spellings (for Monday 23rd January)

unit words- denied, married, hurried, fried, studied, cried

red words- behind, kind, mind, find, tall, call

Mrs Hughes Spelling 23/1/23

Check up 30/1/23

Unit 12 Adding the suffix ed (1). Double the final consonant before adding ed: chopped, shopped, hugged, spotted, jetted, batted

Red Words: every, everybody, bath, path, any, many

Mrs Hughes Spelling 30/1/23

Check up 6/2/23

Unit 14 Adding the suffix ed (3).Drop the e before adding ed: liked, shaped, tackled, tickled, baked, frazzled

Red Words: buy. busy, climb, move, prove, improve


No Year 2 homework for the holidays but please do have a go at the 'science week home challenge' which will be emailed by tomorrow (10/2/23).

There are no spellings this week for Mrs Hughes's group and we will be doing a special focus on 'contractions' after the half term holiday. Have a lovely break.

The Year 2 Team


Spelling & grammar


There are no specific words to learn as we have been doing a 'special focus unit' on contractions this week and we will be using apostrophes of omission from now on. We have learnt how to contract 2 words into 1: do not - don't etc. Words covered include: don't, didn't, doesn't, haven't, I'll we'll, you've, could've, should've, would've, you're, they' re, we're etc.

Red Words

Non this week but we have found the following words particularly tricky despite having covered them already.

Revisit: could, would, should, does

Mrs Hughes's Spelling 27/2/23

Check up Mon 6th March

2B Unit 1: write, wrote, wrestle, wrap, wring, wrong

Red Words: very, does, really, would, should, could

7/3/23 Mrs Hughes's Spellings

Check up Mon 13/3/23

2B Unit 2: adding the suffixes 'er' and 'est' (1) to create comparative and superlative adjectives: cuter, cutest, nicer, nicest, wiser, wisest

Red Words: even, down, our, hour, whole, half

Science Week 13/3/23 - 17/3/23

It's science week next week and we'll be doing lots of science in school. We hope you've had chance to have a go at the 'Tea Dunking' challenge at home (sent out before half term). Do send in your findings next week. In Year 2 we'll be finding out about a scientist called 'Kelsey Byers' next week. She's an Evolutionary Biologist. We'll also be trying to find out who has the fastest reactions in school.

You may like to try the BBC Bitesize game below 'Galaxy Pugs' which has all the KS1 science topics. So far this year in Year 2 we have covered Materials, Animals Including Humans and are in the middle of Habitats. It's a fun way to practise our science knowledge.

Next week's celebration certificates will be science certificates.


Mrs Hughes (science leader)



13/3/23 Mrs Hughes's Spellings

Check up Mon 20/3/23

2B Unit 3: adding the suffixes 'er' and 'est' (2) to create comparative and superlative adjectives. Swap the y for an i before adding er or est: funnier, funniest, luckier, luckiest, spikier, spikiest

Red Words: full, all, thought, bought, above, love

21/3/23 Mrs Hughes's Spellings

Check up Mon 27/3/23

2B Unit 4: adding the suffixes 'er' and 'est' (3) to create comparative and superlative adjectives. Double the last consonant before adding er or est: sadder, wetter, slimmer, fatter, bigger, wettest

Red Words: plant, poor, pretty, sure, talk, steak

Summer 2023