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Homework and Spellings

Homework will be set on Thursday for completion the following Tuesday.

Mrs Hughes' English group spellings are in the pupil spelling logs from Tuesday (and are included for information in the weekly homework on a Thursday) and will be tested on a Monday morning.

No physical or email homework needs to be returned.

Reading books are issued on a Wednesday to be returned the following Tuesday. The 'Go Read' system is the same as it was in Year 1. Books will only be changed if they are returned on a Tuesday and marked as complete on 'Go Read' (by 8.50am Tue morning). If books aren't returned we assume you want to keep them longer which is fine. If books aren't marked as complete we assume they have not been completed and will be returned to you for completion.

Maths - there will be set tasks on 'Sumdog' from time to time as well as the usual choices. See 'Home learning Hub' page for link.

Do get in touch if you have further questions.

The Year 2 Team


Autumn 2021

8/11/21 Mrs Hughes' spellings

Red - any, many, anyone, could, should, would

Words to log and learn 2A Unit 6 - knot, know, knock, gnash, gnarl, gnaw


16/11/21 - Mrs Hughes' spellings

Red words - find, kind, mind, behind, every, everybody

Words to Log and Learn 2A Unit 7 - rely, petrify, why, July, satisfy, horrify

22/11/21 Mrs Hughes' spellings

Red Words - old, cold, gold, hold, told, people

Words to log and learn 2A Unit 8 suffix ing (1)- nodding, stopping, splitting, prodding, clapping, drumming

Homework 25/11/21

30/11/21 Mrs Hughes' Spellings

Red Wordsyou, your, love, above, Mr, Mrs

Words to Log and Learn - 2 A Unit 9 suffix ing (2) - shining, racing, shuffling, writing, making, rattling

7/12/21 Mrs Hughes' Spellings

Red Words - parents, door, poor, floor, path, bath

Words to Log and Learn - 2A Unit 10 the 'j' sound - jar, adjust, magic, giant, large, bridge

W/B 13 /12/21

No spellings this week.

No Homework this week

Phonics - 'or' sound spelt - or as for / oor as in door / aw as in awful / au as in August

Spring 2022

4/1/22 Mrs Hughes' spellings

Red words - who, what, where, when, why, again

Words to log and learn 2A Unit 11 the 'o' sound spelt 'a' after 'w' and 'qu' - want, wand, wash, was, quarrel, quantity

Mrs Hughes' Spellings 11/1/22

Red Words - grass, pass, class, beautiful, pretty, because

Words to log and learn 2A Unit 12 suffix ed (1) - hugged, clapped, slipped. dropped, spotted, stepped


No homework this week - keep reading and practise spellings.

Mrs Hughes' Spellings 17/1/22

Red Words - great, steak, break, move, prove. improve

2A Unit 12 suffix ed (2) - dried, scurried, multiplied, married, tried, copied