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Reception were absolutely amazing in the Harvest festival! Mrs Swift and Mrs Wilson were both nearly crying because the children were so good! All the children joined in with the singing and the actions and it was fantastic to see them with big smiles on their faces. The children  were so proud of themselves afterwards and all the staff in Reception think they showed huge amounts of courage singing in front of so many people for the first time.


Reception have had a busy couple of weeks in the run up to Harvest;  we have been learning about harvest and about how a combine harvester works! We learnt about where our breakfast comes from and enjoyed tasting some cereal and toast. We used our maths skills to create repeating patterns with fruits and vegetables and sorted different food types. This week we have been learning about British Values which are an important part of our school and thinking about becoming superhero learners. The children amazed us with their knowledge of the British value of democracy. We also learnt about the British values of individual liberty, mutual tolerance and respect and the rule of the law. We created our own superhero rules for the classroom. Mrs Swift and Mrs Letheren have noticed that the children have really settled into school life now. Well done Reception! You deserve a big rest over half term!