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Closure of Linton Bridge

In light of the recent floods, Linton Road is currently closed and we have been asked by Cllr Robinson to request that you avoid parking on or driving down The Avenue as residents continue with the clean-up process. 


For ease of parking at school drop off and pick up times can we please urge you to use the CALSA car park .  Parking will be possible on the Harewood Road and the turning circle, however, space is obviously limited.  Please also allow extra time in the mornings to ensure children arrive to school on time as the road closures will cause obvious delays.


Linton Bridge has also had to be closed and the following information is an excerpt from the Collingham Parish News:


Engineering assessment has started today. There appears to be downward movement in the southern bridge abutment (the structure that holds up the bridge where it meets the road embankment). This is unusual as things normally fail in rotation, ie by twisting in some plain. We think the bridge is still moving, and regular surveys will confirm whether this is the case. We can only hypothesise at this time as to the cause and further investigation will include divers when it is considered safe to enter the water. 


The Bridge is not safe to cross even on foot. Please respect the warning tape and do not attempt to cross it. The gas, water and electricity services to Linton all cross the bridge also and are presumably under a great deal of distress.

The bridge will be closed for many months. It may be opened up to pedestrians if deemed safe to do so at some point. This is obviously a great inconvenience to us all but at least nobody has been hurt.

Your cooperation of safe parking and avoiding driving and parking down Linton Road will be very much appreciated by school and the residents who are still dealing with the aftermath of the floods.


We look forward to welcoming the children back to school safely and on time in the morning and wish you all a happy new year.