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Farewell year 6...

This year has been a challenging time for all schools – and within that it has been a particularly challenging time for year sixes; it  has been a time of rapid change, a time of raised standards and raised expectations.  Our year 6 children have risen to the challenge of the new year curriculum and assessment frameworks in ways we had never imagined they would. 


The current year 6 are class of children who, collectively, have epitomized the year 6 role model.  That is, they have been absolutely everything we could or would wish a year 6 class would be. We are so incredibly proud year 6's positive attitudes, perseverance, resilience, determination, and with the courage and teamwork they have shown throughout the year.


I would also like to thank all the adults in school who have supported these children on their journey so far, and particularly to Miss Hicks and Mrs Myers for their unerring commitment to year 6  through a demanding year.


As year 6 move to their next stage in life, I believe it is the traits that have shone out from them so clearly this year that will lead them to success in their futures.  Their characteristics of learning, their understanding about the importance of courage and perseverance,  and also their ability to bring joy, friendship and kindness along the way; these are also the things that our world needs now and I feel optimistic to think of our wonderful young people becoming adults and taking their part in shaping our future.


All the best year 6 - from everyone in school.


Mrs Robertson