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On Friday 20th November we will be taking part in National Anti-bullying day activities and combining this with participation in the Children’s Commissioner’s "Takeover Challenge". 

As part of the "Takeover Challenge" children will be able to enter into a draw to takeover various adult roles in school for part of the school day.  Where the children take-over lessons, the lessons will be planned on this year’s national anti-bullying theme: ‘make a noise about bullying’. All funds raised from the draw will go to the School Council’s charity for this year, which is Save the Children, supporting child refugees.

 Takeover choices: 
  • Headteacher Leaf assembly  -  2  children 
  • Headteacher – 2 children
  • Teachers - 4 children per year group
  • Teaching assistants - 4 children per year group
  • Superintendent – 6 children working in pairs
  • Lunchtime supervisor – 2 children
  • School office – 2 children
  • School cook – 4 children working in pairs
Children will find out if they have been successful when slips are drawn in assembly on Monday 16th November.