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Wintry Weather Conditions

With the inclement weather we are currently experiencing in this country, we are monitoring conditions throughout the day in order to make the right decisions about keeping school open and the children safe. We get regular updates from Leeds City Council, but these reflect the national forecasts from the Met Office.


The procedure is that if conditions deteriorated significantly - and a large proportion of the teaching staff were unable to get into school - then we would be forced to close. I would log this closure with Leeds City Council and this would then trigger a communication to the local radio stations. I would also send out a text message to parents by 8.15am. Conditions would need to be much worse than we are currently experiencing in order to take this course of action, although it can never be ruled out.


If conditions got significantly worse during the school day and we were required to send pupils and staff home, we would again send out text messages - and update the school website - in order to alert you that we require you to arrange for the safe collection of your children. 


My aim is to keep school open whenever possible and it would be extreme circumstances that would force us to close. 


Spring can't come soon enough!


Mr Cook