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Autumn 2

Week 1

This week, we have started learning the songs for our nativity performance with the children from reception and year 2. We have been absolutely blown away by how quickly the children have learnt the words and rhythms and how sensible they have been. We can't wait for you to hear them too and are sure that the weeks will quickly fly by!


We started our new history topic this week and thought about our first enquiry question: Who was Lady Elizabeth Hastings and why is our school named after her? The children had a mystery bag of objects and thought carefully about what clues they give us about her. The children were fantastic history detectives - here are some of their ideas.

"It is a painting not from a camera so I think she must be from a long time ago as they didn't have cameras then."

"It is a cross so I think she was a Christian."

"It is a big house so I think she must be very rich."

"It says she gave money to people so I think she was very kind."

The children learnt that she used her own money to set up our school.


The children have also been artists this week and have been developing their drawing skills. Our pathway for this half term is all about spirals. The children really enjoyed experimenting with different drawing tools such as pens, drawing pencils and charcoal.