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Week 4

This week, in maths, we have been naming and describing 3D shapes. The children enjoyed a practical activity where they thought of different ways to sort the shapes and had to move around the classroom to put their shape in the correct group.


BL - "We could do it in colours."

ES - "We could put it into shapes that have points and shapes that don't."

EG - "We could put all the same names of shapes together."


We were blown away by the children's responses during our 'Big Question Thursday' worship this week. We were thinking about the question 'Are heroes ever scared?'

We not only thought about superheroes from films and stories but also some real life heroes the children had learnt about in reception such as Rosa Parks (sticky learning). We also considered what stories from the Bible tell us about this and listened to the story about Moses and the burning bush.


BM - " I think they are sometimes because all humans get scared sometimes."

HT - "I think yes but they still do it anyway and that is what makes them a hero."

HG ' "Rosa Parks was scared of going to prison but she still knew it was right to do it."

We talked about having the courage to face your fears and linked this to our RESPECT code.

Super thinking year 1!